Dream a little dream with me.

Dream a little dream with me if you would. If you could have a house any way you wanted, what would you do? What do you like/dislike about the current house you are in? What would you change? It could be something structural or cosmetic . . .anything.

So, what would you do? When you tell me what you would do and what your experiences have been, I will tell you what I hope to do in our new house!

(I have to have at least 10 responses or I will leave you hanging!)


Leesha said...

Wow where do I begin? My dream house would have a huge kitchen/dining area. I think that would be awesome to have for parties.

I also would love to have a huge family room/game room.

And my absolute dream would be to have a separate "wing" set up for my daycare. So the kids could have a blast! :)

SuperMom said...

Oh gosh, where to begin. Closets. Lots and lots of closets.

We're in the process of re-doing our kitchen counters and do NOT do a solid color. Dirt will show everywhere. Some kind of granite with a speckle would be my top choice. Oh, and an under the counter sink for SURE... no more gook in the seams of the sink.

Make sure the dining area is large enough, especially if you want to host large family holidays. If I could make any room of our house bigger it would be that one, hands down.

I hate, hate, hate how our front door leads directly into the living room. It's a small, older home and that's just how a lot of them were, but I would make sure to have some kind of entryway. Oh, and my dream house has a large mudroom w/plenty of storage for boots, coats and snow pants off the garage. That sounds heavenly...

I love how most of our rooms are just a rectangle or square w/out weird angles or ceiling angles. It makes furniture arrangements so much easier.

Have fun dreaming!

Alexis Jacobs said...

I'm very happy with my house now (aside from needing to paint).

But what I would change/do... I would love different organization shelving in my laundry room, my walk out basement back (okay not feasible here) and a screened in-porch with a step sown deck. I would also have an even larger, more open kitchen with a built in wine rack system.

And I would HAVE to have a wraparound porch.

Can't wait to hear why you posted this. My guess is that you get to design your house from scratch :)

Anissa said...

Here goes...

I want a huge kitchen that is wide open so I can be in the kitchen but still be a part of what is going on in the living room area.

Huge center island in the kitchen with a hidden deep freeze.

Two words...Hot Tub!

Huge Master Bedroom with Huge Master Bathroom.

Just make great friends with your neighbors because trust me I won't matter what you have in your house if you are unhappy with your neighborhood. In our neighborhood we play Bocce Ball up and down the neighborhood through everyone's yard. If we are in your yard...you fetch beers' when people are out! It is wonderful!

I could go on and on.

Michelle said...

Well...While I am so happy that we got the house we did and it feels like home...of, course, there are some things I would want different.

I definately miss my basement! I've ALWAYS had a basement...and no one has them here in OK!! Bummer!

A large laundry room would be great--like right off of the garage. It would be great to have a place that you could hang coats/ gloves/hats/backpacks/shoes and that type of stuff.

Big organized closets, of course.

And, a place for a playroom. Keep all those toys in one area (yeah right!!) I sure would try though! :)

Leslie said...

Stopping by from The Ultimate Blog Party!

I would have a house that had the master bedroom very far away from the other areas. Or if not that, then a room I could call my own. I would have a huge garden tub in the master bathroom, big enough for me and my love. I would have a huge back yard and a modern kitchen.

Angela Giles Klocke said...

Well, I don't own my home, as we're renting. But I know what I want in my own home. That would be too long and detailed ;) This house? Nice, but so much wasted space with these high ceilings in the living room area. Could have had more bedrooms here!

Cerella said...

My dream house is a HUGE Craftsman Bungalow on a large lot of land with lots of privacy and lots of trees.
I love our house on the West End which is old and has a ton of character very much but I do long for privacy. I cannot be anywhere on our property or even stand next to ANY window in our house without the possiblity of someone seeing me. It's really hard to have your cake and eat it too. You know? :)

it's me, Val said...

Cerella, yes I DO know ;) :) And that's too funny that you say that about craftsmans because THOSE are my faves too!! (I don't think we're doing to get it, though..)

I love the idea of having a room I can call my own all to itself . . . pure bliss . . .

Michelle, I cannot wait for closets period. We have closets here, but they are nothing like how they make closets today. I long for a closet that is mine! Right now I share with Maia.

Anissa, what a great point about liking your neighbors. Right now our favorite people (Vic!) are across the street, but other than them, we dont have that kind of connection right now. We use to when Jen was here, but she is gone now . . We live in an area that has lots of retirees. The new area has lots of youngins. Not that I am young, hehe. I look forward to doing just as you talked about. WHAT FUN! Definitely a plus. Definitely.

Alexis, Wrap-a-round porch ....so heavenly! Would love that, too. Do you have any sort of wine rack built into furniture there? We have our buffet which has one built in. Will I need something more? You know how I love to drink wine ;)

Cait, you made some of my favorite points . . . the counter top colors and the sink. We definitely need the under-counter sink. And Cait, we have the door that goes straight into the living room now, too. I really hate that. I totally get that one!

Leesha, your day care idea sounds great. Maybe one day you will have it? Don't give up hope!

Thanks, everyone, for your posts! Waiting for more . . . :) Bring em on!

Sara Young-Morrell said...

Val, I do read your blog. . . see.

While I LOVE our loft (I wouldn't have bought it otherwise), there are a few things I would change. A closet or two more and I wish the living room/dining room/kitchen was a tad bit bigger. But with that being said I love our place and really wouldn't change anything (well, I take that back since we are doing remodels this year, but that is mostly cosmetic in the bathroom and kitchen).

And while it is not our "dream home," that is not why we bought it. We wanted someplace fun, close to my work, and in a great (up and coming)neighborhood. At less than 900 sf, it is small; but I love the fact that it is small, since it is only me and the kitties during the week, and cozy. My favorite moments are sitting on the sofa in front of the fireplace and watching the snow come down. You can't beat a snowy day in Chicago!!!!


it's me, Val said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sara!!! So so happy to see you!

I love coziness, like your loft. That's why I just don't want a huge house at all. Besides, that means a lot of cleaning! I don't do cleaning al that well :-) I'm glad you're enjoying your place ...

it's me, Val said...

Oops. One of the reasons for my commenting is to tell you all that I need more comments! So lurkers. . . .comment please! :):) Surprise me like Sara did!:) (this was her first comment - yay Sara! - you'll go on my brownie list, ya know?!)

Sara Young-Morrell said...

Brownies for me???? You shouldn't have, but I will accept! Yummy!

Erin Wiebe said...

I love my house, as we just built it a year ago, but it was a starter home. We're selling it and building again. We're going to build a couple hundred sq ft bigger, always good. We also have the entrance into the living room and I hate it. So that'll be one thing I change, a bigger entrance.

A bigger entertaining space is what I crave, more room in the living room, more dining room space and a separate place for my kids toys (not on my living room floor). Other than that, I could list probably a million things I'd like, but since I'm not getting them any time soon, it would be futile. I'll be happy with more space!

Johanna said...

Val, As you know, I am your secret blog stalkler. I never knew that I could comment without also having my own blog (i know that sounds dumb to me too. really johanna!). But, the combo of this new knowledge and this GREAT topic you proposed has inspired me to "comment". Anyway.(turns out I'm a motor mouth even online!) Right now, as you know, we live in the city. While this is fun, fun, fun, it comes (like most things) with comprimise. Therefore, my dream house would have a lot of things that so many people take for granted- a yard!! A great big yard where my dog can play and my (someday) kids can be silly, free, dirt playing kids!

I also agree with a lot of the other commenters (yes, i realize that's not really a word :)). Closets are a MUST. We have great closet space in our current home, and I must say, it is AMAZING. I love not having to use the weight of my body to hold everything to the left just so i could squeeze a small shirt in on the right. I used to have to do that. There are some great closet organizer systems out there. I highly recommend. Especially great for anal people such as yours truly.

there are other things, but I mean, how much am I allowed to write here? some much for my "comment". HA!

This was fun! Look forward to future comments from me! Will you get this? You wrote this like over a week ago. Hmmm. I wonder how that works?