The cost of film processing in the 40's.

If you didn't know, my grandma passed away in 1994 and my grandpa passed away in this past October. So at the end of 2006, we spent many a days sorting through hundreds of boxes. During the sorting, I found an amazing array of history. One of which was this below: an envelope of photos and negatives with the cost of processing and reprints.

I can't believe it. If only the cost of an 11x14 today was $1.00, I would be getting every single one of my prints printed that size and our albums would be made for 11x14's and be the size of my dining room table. Things like this just really amaze me. I love history . . . I love learning about my past . . . I love that my grandma was kind enough to allow us to learn about her past. We are lucky. And I am thankful that she kept everything.

I am (unfortunately or fortunately - however you look at it?) following in her footsteps with keeping everything myself. I hope one day my children and grandchildren will appreciate my unableness to purge. One day they will see that there really was a reason for it.

I hope.

If you want to read more about life in the 40's, take a look at this, Grandma's Diary, a blog that I have in honor of my grandmother. I post her journal entries from 1945 about how in love she was with my grandpa and what she did on a daily basis - like shop, iron, sit and listen to the radio and day dream about her love. but It is really really interesting. Come take a look and see for yourself. I want people, related or not, to enjoy the entires. They not only say a lot about my family, but everyone's families, as we all derive from family living in the 40's, and how often do you have this chance to learn so much about what their world was like? What I hope most: that people appreciate what I am doing.

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