Cat problems (and more) revisted

So Heinz (oh yes, did I forget to mention I have a cat named after ketchup?), he is acting all weird again. (See this post to get a refresher course.) He's still pulling out his hair, and at 8 weeks later, he has hardly any hair left from his neck down. (He use to be a beautiful long-haired tabby kitty cat and now he is just . . . so sad looking!) And starting today he has been throwing up. Not hairballs, not food, but yellowish clear slimey yuck. Anyone know anything that could help me? I know it could be nothing, but with this hair thing, I'm afraid it is something. I think it's time I take him to the vet. I probably should have done it a long time ago, but my black cat went through a depression period after Noah was born and pulled out all of her hair. I gave her more attention per my vet's suggestion, and the hair grew back in. Simple as that! I guess I thought Heinz was depressed and that loving him more would help him as well, but it's not helping at all. What do I do to kitties?! I swear I am a good mommy to them! Heinz sleeps with me and I find myself sometimes petting him through the night. (Now that's a good mommy, don't ya think?!) So . . . I guess I call the vet lady tomorrow. Sigh . . .


sara said...

Henry does this if we take too long to feed him. I think in Henry's case it is psychological. He doesn't do it often, but I know he has worked himself up when he does and it is always when I am a little late feeding him. (He really isn't going to die if I feed him 20 minutes later than normal. For goodness sake he is 22 pounds!)

Maybe in Heinz case it is psychological as well. Is there a similar factor everything this happens?

Hope that helps.

it's me, Val said...

Sara, he's never done the throwing up thing before. He's only done the hair pulling thing, and that's been going on for over 2 months now. The puking started yesterday and it went ALL NIGHT LONG. Absolutely disgusting. I honestly think you are right and that it's psychological for him, too. But geez, this is ridiculous! Of course this is happening, too, right when we're trying to sell. Makes me want to throw up and pull my hair out! UGH!!!!

sara said...

Maybe the hair pulling things was a prelude to the vomiting thing? Maybe he has worked himself up to a point that he has induced the vomiting. KWIM?? Hopefully, the vet will have a better idea. And I feel for you-- that stuff is gross!!!!!

lil ole' me..... said...

I have no cat advice for you, but just wanted to say that I hope things get better soon!!! Poor Heinz.

Michelle said...

I think that going to the vet would be what I would do :( Poor meow meow! Hopefully they can figure something out!