Conversations with a 3-year old.

My sil, Michelle, made me remember a conversation I had had with Noah when he started feeling better a few days ago. It was quite the interesting conversation!

It went something like this:

N: I want some parcocks . . .
me: Huh, Noah? What did you say?
N: Parcocks (looking at me with this look like, GEE MOM, HELLO!?!)
Me: I don't understand you, Noah. What do you want to do with your cars?
N: NO MOMMY!! Parcocks!

And then it hit me (Duh!!)

V: Pancakes?! Do you want pancakes?
N: YES!! (totally disgusted with me at this point)

Isn't that great?! Of course "parcocks" sounded a bit more distorted than "cars", but I knew he wasn't say that!

And then last night we heard the funniest thing ever out of his mouth. We were all playing ball (Alexis, it was with the big pink ball you gave us), tossing it back and forth between the 4 of us, and into the mix walks our dog, Frankie. I announce excitedly, "Noah, look, Frankie wants to play, too!" and Noah very frankly says, "No, mommy, Frankie can't play, she doesn't have arms."

I am laughing again as I type this. Is that the funniest thing you've heard today or what?!


SuperMom said...

That's so cute!

Michelle said...

I think that it is too funny that both Noah and Ella wanted to eat pancakes once they got well! :) Crazy kids!

I love hearing your 3-year-old conversations, btw!

Jamie said...

How funny. I have to say I do miss that stage. Now we are in the stage where we are sounding out things and writing letters. So cute!

Victoria Martin said...

lol, aren't those moments the best? :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

Too cute.

Jo said...

I love kids and the things they say! This weekend we saw my Goddaughter and she was drinking a pop (a special treat bc of my visit) and she turned to her 5 month old sister and said, "you want a pop? Kids can't have pop!" My Goddaughter is 2 1/2 but she fully thinks she is an adult. i love it!