Snapshot Sunday

My girls on my big day 8 years ago! (wowzers!) All still great friends - thanks for loving me, guys :) Let's see . . . everyone has at least one baby except for Kalina & Sara and we're (im)patiently waiting on them to become mommies!
This was when we went to Hawaii in 2004. My sis, Michelle, caught me doing what I love to do most - photograph (who knew?!).
Family picture: me, Natalie and my brother, Chris, with our monstrous collection of Cabbage Patch Kids! We serioulsy thought we were mommies (and daddies) to all of our "kids" :)
Noah and his bestest girlfriend, Sami (Alexis's daughter), a couple summers ago - notice her band-aids which were as a result of a couple falls - ouchie! We miss Sam! She now lives in North Carolina, but we are hoping to go visit very very soon.
Little Me! Or wait. . . is that Maia?
Me and my other sis, Ashley (Neil's little sister), in Brazil in 2001. This was before Neil and I were taken back to the airport. We had the most wonderful time ever and we'd love to go back one day . . .
At our first home in 2000. I was so impressed with my sunflowers. Aren't they splendid?
Noah with his grandpa at the Farm Progress Show in 2005. I'm a farm girl and Noah is a farm boy at heart.
Woa, Nelly! I swear that is not a basketball in that shirt. Yes, that's me, 38 weeks pregnant and about to burst with my chunky monkey little (big!) Maia.
Me and my girlfriends in college in 1997 on spring break in Tampa, FL. Julie (2nd from left) got us reservations at a hotel with the Yankee's spring training boys and my oh my did we have the most amazing time. Her boyfriend, now hubby with 4 kids (!), played for the Yankees (he has now given up his baseball career to become a family man working as an engineer for Ford in MI . . . what a guy!). College. . . those were the days . . . so often I wish I could go back . . .

This is Beth and Rodrigo - one of the very first weddings I ever shot! I was blessed with this couple because they took a chance with me, and with that, I got two extraordinary friends for life! (I met my friends, Tracy and Corie through Beth - both who were in her wedding. I later went on to shoot Corie's wedding and next month I'm shooting Tracy's daughter's birthday!)
And one of my favorite pictures in the entire world. . . me and my grandpa looking at family photos. He was always so interested in pictures . . . It's he and my grandmother that I write about in Grandma's Diary.
THE END of today's show-and-tell . . . thanks for allowing me to share.


Erin said...

those were some great pictures. I love looking at peoples photographs and the stories behind them. Thanks for sharing.

Jamie said...

Val so cool!

Jen said...

wow what a big wedding party u had

LOL :) such sweet childhood memories my sister often played mummies too

Love Noahs laughing face
Lovely photo of Maia

Oh cool!!! re the last photo

Thank U!!! for sharing that was really interesting

Chel said...

Congratulations on your eight years! That's pretty groovy! And Spring Training... we've been so many times during this March that it's hard to count. If you ever want to go again, give me a call & you can stay with us!

Chel said...

Oh! And I forgot... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sunflowers and would love to have them at my house sometime!

amanda said...

Thanks for sharing! I love the cabbage patch picture. I think have the same one only with care bears. And I also have the exact same pic of my friends in college--gosh, the shoes, the hair, the jeans! Fun times.

Anissa said...

Fun pics! I too had a massive collection of Cabbage Patch Dolls! You will get to relive that with your babies when they start collecting things!

jo said...

I love love love love your pictures. :)

sara said...

Well, as far as who is next to have a little one. . . look in Kalina's direction first. As for me, you will still have to keep on waiting!!