I have some great friends.

I am so blessed to have the friends I am because they know ME and know how to make my day.

I had a crappy birthday week, as you know, and every day since it's seemed to get better and better thanks to no more sick kids and thanks to friends who love me.

First, even though I didn't get to see my sis-in-law when she was home from Oklahoma with hubby, Brad, and my niece, Ella (thanks to 3 out of 4 of us being extremely sick), I still did receive a fun little surprise from her later in the week after she left it with my in-laws to deliver it to me. It was a fun little birthday giftie that spoke to her the moment she saw it. This is that fantastic little surprise:

That's right! Heinz potato chips!!! I have never seen such a thing till now, have you? I want to keep them, but that would mean not tasting them, and I'm really really tempted to try them, but still haven't broken into the cute little "cat"sup bag of chips that I am not sure I want to destroy. See, I really have a problem to hanging on to things. Anyhow, thank you, Chel!

Then last night, my dear friend, Heather, came over to visit. My hubby is away traveling for work in Tampa, FL and Kansas City, MO. She always hangs out with me when he is gone. She's my buffer. She is also one of my kids' favorite people. She's such a great friend to me and a great "auntie" to them.

Anyhow, she brought me my birthday gift . . . and I wasn't even expecting anything at all, but leave it to Heather . . . there she walked up with a giftie for me.

In the bag I pulled out first, a coupon which read:

One FREE night of babysitting!!

  • - one evening of babysitting for no more than 2 children (head count will be taken)
  • - free diaper changes *
  • - children will be fed if necessary
  • - Fun!! (can include movies, puzzles, books, horsey rides, making a mess)
* there will be a small fee for brown/green soiled diapers :)

Then I pull out a gift card to one of my favorite restaurants, Texas Roadhouse. Then a 4-pack of margaritas, and then . . . well, I'll leave that to your imagination. What stay-at-home mommy could possibly ask for a better birthday gift than that?! I was ecstatic!! So we called hubby to tell him and well, he was also quite excited . . . of course. *rolling eyes* (Thank you, Heather!)

Then today I get a phone call from a florist asking for directions to my house. I thought, "who possibly would be sending me flowers??" 5 minutes later, up pulls a car and out walks a man with a beautiful lily just for me. It was from my dear friend, Jen, in Mississippi.

Jen had (unintentionally) missed my birthday and felt horribly bad. What's funny is, I never thought twice about it. To me friendship isn't keeping track of things between friends, but for just being there . . . for making you smile . . . for having a big heart . . . for having a shoulder to cry on . . . for allowing you to become a part of their life and family. That's just what Jen has done for me in the past and still continues to do, even while in OK far far away (oh how I miss her!).

It honestly did not phase me at all what she thought she had done, but she is just like me . . . always very concerned about others and never wanting to hurt feelings. So I thank her immensely for, yet again, making my day and helping to extend my birthday. It just reinforces to me how great my friends are and how truly blessed I am. My 31st ended up to be the best in a long time!

Here's the lily from Jen and the fun gifts from Heather.


Jen said...

bless them
Im pleased u ended up haing an awesome day

Jen said...

when was your birthday????

it's me, Val said...

March 16th, and Im really old! lol :)

Erin said...

I can't believe you got ketchup chips. I didn't think they even made ketchup chips in the US. They've been my favorite since I was a little girl and to see the American's are catching up with this good thing is great to see. I was always disappointed when we'd go to the US and I couldn't find any. Yay!

it's me, Val said...

How come we are so behind the times?! I am told that they're only available in the south. Why oh why is that?! So . . . are there different brands that make these chips? You know you shouldn't have told me this once unknown information. Now I will be on a new hunt!

Anissa said...

I can picture you with a Starbucks in one hand and your Ketchup potato chips in the other! Ha! I want a picture of that! A self portrait challenge I think!

mama2dibs said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Glad that God made up for not having a great day and made it a great week or two instead.

Erin said...

We have ketchup chips in all different varieties, Old Dutch, Lays, Doritos...yes, that is too bad that you're so deprived...I'd send you a bag if they wouldn't get all squished ; )

Jen said...

The flower is beautiful!! So glad you like them and thank you for saying those nice things.

Miss ya