I love the age of 3.

I really love Noah's age right now. It seems he went from answering questions incorrectly and looking at us like we're nuts, to answering correctly and with a voice of a 10-yr old, not a 3-yr old. He's changed overnight.

Right now he's working on these new mini legos that I bought him (purposely for the trip that we didn't go on to Ohio this past weekend) and he's counting. While it isn't perfection yet, it's still very good ---- at least his proud mommy thinks so!

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, thirteen, eighteen . . . eighteen!"

I just love it.

And then Maia . . . she is talking a lot now, too. She seems to be quite a bit ahead of Noah compared to him at her age. (I think that is pretty common with girls.) And she is growing up waaayyyy too fast. With Noah, his baby-ness seemed to last a lot longer. With Maia, she's almost not a baby anymore (babies don't talk, do they?), and well, I think this graduation from baby to toddler is sneaking up on me much quicker this time. I think that is because it's my last child and I'm honestly not all that ready to say goodbye to the stage. But I guess I kinda need to suck it up and be ready. (sigh . . . )

Maia likes to say the word "trash". She loves throwing trash away. We'll find something for her to throw away and we'll ask her to put it in the trash and she runs to it like it's the greatest thing ever. Well, because to her, it is! And on her way there she's saying "fash, fash, fash, fash . . . ". She loves to say that word and it's quite amusing.

I still think so far, my favorite age is 3. Noah finally understands between right and wrong (usually) and is understanding consequences pretty well, too. He can be so grown up at times, but then at other times he's such a boy . . . a pre-schooler - oh my! But he's also so very loveable to both daddy and myself. I love that about him. He's so sensitive like his mommy, but funny and goofy like his daddy. The traits are emerging, and it's just so fun because, well, he's a part of us! There's nothing more spectacular or rewarding or more of a gift than that. God is so good and I am so blessed.


Chel said...

And I hate three because Eliza's asserting her independence and fighting us at most every turn. Worse than that, when she's not throwing a fit, she's perfectly precious, which makes the other even more annoying. I'm wishing for four! Or eight... I'm loving 8!

Jen said...

I love the preschool age best
always have
they are like sponges
I love the way their eyes light up when they discover something new
its normal for girls to be a bit advanced than boys

Michelle said...

Awww...makes me miss them even more! So sad we missed seeing you all this time around.

amanda said...

Lydia loves throwing things in the trash, too. Isn't it fun when they discover new things? Even if it's something like trash? (btw, thanks for your sweet comments!)

Alexis Jacobs said...

I miss your kids **sniff sniff** Coming from a seasoned mom, the fun is just beginning. Wait until Maia can do Starbucks and pedicure runs. And there is just something special about the bond between a mom and her son. :)