If you could spare a prayer . . .

. . . we would really appreciate it.

Time for a house update:

We just found out today that, before construction can begin on the new house, we have to sell this one. We put most of our savings down on the lot of land where we will be building, and we are required to put 20% down before new construction can begin. So . . . since most of what we had went towards the lot, we must must must sell this one first, and hopefully for the asking price or even near that (please?!?). So this is why I am asking for prayers. Prayers that we will be successful this time, prayers that we will have good buyers, prayers that we won't run into any road blocks in the process, and prayers that it doesn't take so much effort this time. (By the way, we are trying to sell by ourselves first because we could use the extra 6% realtor fees for new house must-haves!)

I say "this time" because we tried selling the house in 2005, had it on the market for over 3 months, and while we had a few hits, no follow-thrus, obviously. We took it off because I was about to have my baby girl. I couldn't go much longer trying to sell a house and take care of a toddler and wonder if we'd have to be moving at the same time I was giving birth. We were told later, by realtors other than our own, that we should have had a garage because only 10% of all buyers will purchase a home without a garage. (Tell me, why didn't we know this before?!) So we built one. So hopefully as the quote from Field of Dreams goes, "if you build it, they will come".

We have also done some more sprucing up than what we had done in 2005. But if anyone has any suggestions as to what will sell a house besides de-cluttering, I would so totally love any sort of suggestions. I want to do it completely right this time, and quickly. Which means probably in the next day or two, our house will be up for sale. Oh the anxiety and oh the pressure! (Oh my goodness, we are actually about to do it!) Help me be calm. Please!?

New blogging friends from the ultimate party, any words of wisdom??


Alexis Jacobs said...

Decluttering helps a ton. Anything to make the house seem spacious.

A few vases with some fresh cut flowers (Walmart or Aldi's has good, cheap ones) adds some cheer to the place.

Open all blinds and curtains for showings.

Have candle burning while having a showing.

Soft background music makes it seem homier too.

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or a nice candy dish adds a nice touch as well.

We had several realtors tell our realtor that we gave one of the best showings they ever saw and we did all of the above.

Good luck! Sending lots of sell vibes to you!

Leesha said...

Sending tons of prayers to you!!!

All of AJ's idea's are great. On the home show I watched they said to make sure all the windows are bright. The lady had them take all the curtains down. I thought it was kinda weird, but it did look better.

Good luck!!!

it's me, Val said...

Hmmmm . . . interesting, Leesha! It does look tons better in here with the sun shining in. I love sunlight. . .

Great ideas, AJ, even though you already told me all those! :):) you still rock, though!

sara said...

We have only purchased, not sold, so this is from a buyer's POV.

I agree with what others said; but watch out for one thing- especially if you are selling on your own, don't let it be known that you "have to" sell your house to purchase your new one. When I would find this out about a place we were looking at, I would exploit it.

When I put in the offer on this place I knew they had to sell it in a certain amount of time not to have to pay a property gain taxes; and they were coming really close to that time, within months. My first offer was 25% less than what they were selling for the previous year (2004) and we settled at 15% less than they were selling the year before. If I didn't know that I wouldn't have low balled them so much, but I knew I could and had the mindset that they "had to" sell, I didn't need to buy.
p.s. Do I get another brownie????

Erin said...

Clean, clean, clean!!! Sparkling windows, paint touchups, baseboards and moldings wiped of little finger prints (I'm going to have a big job...), and take out 1/3 of what's in your closets to make it look like you have more room than you actually need. Seemed kind of deceptive to me at first, but then I thought about it, they don't know how much stuff I really have!

I watched a show on Sunday about 20 ways to make money on your house when you want to sell. Alexis said a bunch of them. One thing that I heard that was a good point, make sure all light switches, outlet plates etc, match and same with all door knobs and pulls on cabinetry. Keep them all the same style and finish. It'll stick out like a sore thumb otherwise. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Oh, if you don't want to leave candles burning, dab vanilla on a few light bulbs and when they turn on lights it'll warm up and smell wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Or if you're superstitious... Bury a statue of St. Joseph upside down in your front yard. Supposedly he'll want badly enough to get right-side up again that you'll sell in no time! Old Catholic lore, I guess. Best of luck to you!