YAY! Someone took my self-portrait challenge!

So . . . Lisa wins!!!!

Love ya, Lisa! Thanks for following through! I guess you're the only one who loves Val. Pitty on me. (Hehe.)

Check out her cuteness!

Oh, and by the way, speaking of prayers, keep her in yours as she is pregnant for the 6th time. Like Val, she's experienced 3 broken dreams saying goodbye to 3 beautiful angels. She and I don't have a good standing in this arena. Please pray for her and this new dootle.

Anyone else want to take this challenge!? It's fun . . . trust me and you'll get bonus points!


Cerella said...

I wanna win, I wanna win!!!! I promise I'll be putting mine up really soon....I've been very sickypoo. :(

it's me, Val said...

Awww. . . .poor you. are you ok???? Sending (((hugs)))

Chel said...

Ok, so I really want to play, but I have such self-image issues that I usually delete all of the photos of me from the digital before they can get downloaded. Maybe I'll get brave one day and surprise you.