Random thoughts . . .

"Just living isn't enough," said the butterfly,
"one must also have freedom, sunshine,
and a little flower."

-Hans Christian Anderson

I have to also add that my team, SIU Salukis, made it in the NCAA tourney and they play today against VT. I'm glad that we have no option but to be home today so I can watch them! (I guess I should maybe try and get some work done, too . . . sigh . . . ) I can't wait . . . hoping they can win . . . GOOOOO SALUKIS!

Also, house update . . . no luck on selling the house yet. We have only gotten about a half dozen calls. Not sure what else we can do by ourselves? (Any tips?? We just have to get people to WANT to come look!) We really really really don't want to have to hire a realtor, but looks like we might have to. We're going to try one more week by ourselves. Good thoughts and prayers please!

Oh, and I ordered my St. Joseph statue and still have not received it. Hmmm . . . I need to check into that! Maybe that's all I need . . . Mr. St Joseph?! . . . ?


sognatrice said...

Ah, and tomorrow is St Joseph's Day, so you better get on that! Good luck!

Jen said...

My thoughts are with u and praying for the kids especially Noah
Are the Doodlebops relatively new I have heard of them before
couldn’t see any place to post comment for last post so putting it here

Erin said...

Praying you sell quickly without any stress!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for the house to sell soon!!!

And sorry but... GO BUCKEYES!!