St. Joseph Statue - does it work?

Anyone ever tried burying St. Joseph in your yard to help sell your house? Did it work? Have you even heard of St. Joseph doing such a thing? Not I! But this is what some people have suggested we try and do.

In 2005 when we tried selling our house the first time, after a couple months on the market, our neighbor suggested we try burying St. Joseph. That was the first time I had heard of such a tradition. At that point, I kinda figured it was too late to go to that extreme. (And to be honest, I didn't have a clue what she was talking about.)

Forward to present day. My fabulous Catholic friend, Katie, suggested we do this, too. After going through 3+ months of not selling the first time around, my thoughts now are, "why not?". I'm a very anxious seller this time around. I'm not Catholic, but that doesn't matter, does it? (I don't know . . . does it? All that really matters is that I believe, right?) All I know is, I want to sell my house and soon.

Here's a little about the tradition, taken from the website stjosephstatue.com (yes, there is such a site!). I find it quite interesting and they have testimonials from people it actually worked for. (I believe in testimonials, don't you? Gotta believe it works, right?)

The solemn tradition of burying St. Joseph in the earth began hundreds of years ago in Europe. During those times, an order of nuns prayed to St. Joseph (the patron saint of the family and household needs) when they needed more lands for convents. The Sisters were encouraged to bury their St. Joseph medals in the ground.

The medals evolved into statues, culminaing with the complete "Underground Real Estate Agent" Kit currently available. Today, thousands of homesellers and real estate agents nationwide continue this successful tradition; they are looking for a little divine intervention.

So, you think it will work? I'm going to order my statue tonight, so I will let you know! Sara, you are my other fabulous Catholic bud . . . does it work?

Oh, and I cannot forget Johanna, my secret lurker! I'm sure I'm forgetting other Catholic friends. Jo, do you know anyone this has worked for? Or are you thinking, "Val is one cheesy girl!"??


Michelle said...

I so looked into this when we were trying to sell our house. My non-catholic neighbor suggested it and so I, too, did a little research! I actually never had to buy it though. I got online and found the one I was going to order, had placed it in "my cart" but didn't pay for it. Well, turns out, I didnt have to, b/c we got our buyer that weekend. So, I don't know if it works or not?! But I sure was ready to give it a try too :)

Kari said...

still blog partying.
Am curious to know if this works! Great blog nice to meet ya!

Anissa said...

Interesting. However, when your trying to sell a house, who cares? You are willing to do ANYTHING!!! If you do it and it works then you will have an interesting story to tell!

terri said...

Hi Val. I am so NOT Catholic, but I do love superstitions. And really, that's what this is, right? I do think there is a lot to be said for postive thinking, and this being a tool. My VERY Catholic MIL did this successfully. I thought she was nuts, but it was fun! :)

BTW I enjoy your blog, I pop in over here from Supermom's link every now & then. ;)

it's me, Val said...

I did it - I bought one! I hope just buying one will bring on the calls! :):)

We Have Received Your Order!
Print This Page - It Is Your Receipt & Confirmation

Your Credit Card Statement Will Show A Charge From

I crack myself up.

Alexis Jacobs said...

My mom swear by Praying to St Jude, finder of lost things (My mom is catholic) I bet you can ask her about good old Joseph here on Friday.

sara said...

Oh yes!!!! I think I told you this the first time around, but my parent's had their home for sale and right after they were given the statue, from a friend, their place sold. (We have a tradition that as soon as you sell your house, you dig it up and give it to a friend who is selling a home.)