Today's last thought

(Finally, huh?)

I just had to share this. Yesterday was a proud mommy day. Maia went a whole day without any major tantrums (yayyyy!!), and Noah, while getting his hair cut, for the first time ever sat completely still, and never winced, cried, or complained once! It was a proud moment indeed! I think for him what helped was that there were 4 other boys before him getting their hair cut and he saw that they sat completely still like good boys. We've tried everything in the past to get him to feel okay about going and nothing ever worked, but this did. (Why didn't I think of this before?) I really wish I had my camera last night, but I'll bring it next time. And you know what else? While Noah would never admit it, I think he actually enjoyed the hair cut. It was cute.

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Jen said...

yaye no major tantrums :)
what a good boy Noah is too :)
keep up the good work Val :)