Happy Birthday to me. (Not.)

I should be in the car right now driving Noah and myself to Ohio to see our dearest friends. But I am not. And that is because Noah is sick. Yep, he is sick. Puking his guts out sick. Started throwing up about 2 a.m. and still is now at 9:20. Can't keep down Children's Pepto, water or Pedialyte. Has nothing in his system so he keeps throwing up foamy goo. He has a slight fever, too. Maia is fine, thank God.

This sucks. Really really badly. Alexis has already left and is past Virginia. She can't turn back now. I have never felt so disappointed before. Makes me cry. I feel so bad for my baby boy, but I also feel bad for Alexis and Sami. I keep praying this this will be over in a couple hours so that we can still leave. I was so so so looking forward to this time for AJ & I, and also for Noah & Sami. They deserve this time, so do we, and it's not going to happen very often when they live in North Carolina and she has to travel through and around mountains to get anywhere west of her.

Time to go clean up more goo. Happy happy birthday to me.

Edited in purple pedialyte color in lieu of my baby boy to say: we are definitely not going. Kept throwing up all morning, took a bath, then threw up again. Fever of 100. He is now sleeping curled up on the floor. Alexis is so so so understanding (why would I think any differently??) and said to promise her to go out tonight for dinner or go get a pedicure for my birthday. She is even making me check in so she knows what I did. I have a feeling I won't do anything. I will feel badly for Neil to come directly home from work, then take care of two kids, one being sick, and then send me off for some fun. I actually think I would rather be here parked on the couch watching my basketball games (gooo Illini . . . go Saluki's!) . . . but of course only with a glass of wine in hand, or better yet, a margarita. That will make all things peachy-keen. Almost.

Have fun without me, AJ. Will miss you guys. Already do.


sognatrice said...

Came here (belatedly) from the Ultimate Blog Party...and it's your birthday! Despite all the other stuff that's going on, I still hope you manage to have a good one :)

SuperMom said...

Oh Val, your post makes ME want to cry. :(

Hope your little guy feels better soon. :(

Jen said...

Praying Noah gets better soon
Im sorri this happened on your birthday and Im sori that you cant make that trip now

Anissa said...

You poor girl. Alexis is right. You should go out and do something fun for your birthday. Neil is great he won't care! Happy Birtday!

Chel said...

We once left home driving for my college home-town for a college reunion of sorts, and I was so very excited to see everyone that I hadn't seen in so long. We were about two hours into the drive when it became way too apparent that I was the only one in the car who wasn't sick.

We turned the car around, and I sobbed all the way home. I called my friends to tell them I wouldn't be there, and they were understanding - like your friends! - but that only made me miss them more.

And don't even get me started on the story of how my 30th birthday sucked. :)

Hang in there.