Blogger Awards update

I noticed last night when looking over the Blogger Award website that Wil Wheaton's blog was winning in almost every category. It made me a bit furious because it almost seemed like a conspiracy among Star Trekkies (or whatever they're called . . . and fyi, this is nothing against Wil or Star Wars or Trekkies). So I emailed the Blogger Awards and sure enough, others had as well, and they decided that the famous blogs (like Wils) were not giving the small blogs (like mine!) a fair chance. So . . . they took all of Wil's blogs down everywhere except at the Best Celebrity Blog Award. Not that I have any greater chance now, but I am sure dang glad to not see Wil's blog up there on page 1 anymore to be quite frank.

So grandma's chances are definitely up, but I have a long way to go if I want to get anywhere close to Cute Overload or Dooce. I'm just happy to say that we're at the top of page 2 now and if I get just a couple more votes, we'll be at the bottom of page 1!! Yayy! Thanks everyone for your votes. Now carry on . . . ;c)

P.S. Alexis is on page 8 of 31! (You hot momma you!)


mama2dibs said...

First of all, I wondered where Mr. Wil disappeared to. Now I know! Secondly...yeah, I used two email addresses of my own, two of my husband's and one of my mom's and voted for both you and Alexis five times. I thought it would help out. :D

Erin said...

I voted from our 3 email addresses. Go, Val, go!!! Good luck : )