Before I tell you what's been happening here, I have to post this email that I received from a dear friend of mine. I have realized again, when I received this email from her, how blessed I am to have received the friends I have in my life. My life is just so fulfilled. Of course it helps reinforce these feelings when you read something like this spur-of-the-moment from a friend:

This may be weird, but I decided that if I were a mom, I’d want to know (these things) —so here you go. Your children are always so cutely dressed! They are seriously adorable. I love their style and their cute outfits. I love Noah’s funky style and Maia’s girly girl clothes. They are just oh so so so cute! Where do you find them all?! Remember those cute camo pants you found Noah in Chicago? We have to do that again soon. That was fun. I miss you.

Another thing. I seriously LOVE your blog. ( I am like obsessive lately or something). I really hadn’t read many blogs before yours and now that I have read a few more blogs I seriously appreciate yours SO MUCH MORE! It is a) funny b) colorful c) sweet (SO sweet) d) full of pictures which, natch, I love! e) WELL WRITTEN (amen to this) f) so fun and so Val. It is like my new daily thing. Go to purple-valley and go to popsugar.com.
Anyway, I’m not crazy (well, maybe a little) but I just thought you’d want to know--- 1) I love your kids cute style (way to go mom!) and 2) I love you. Hehe


To be told you're loved . . . well, there isn't anything much better than that. And it came at just the right time. Jo always knows how to cheer me up. And my writing . . . well, that's something I'm a bit self-conscious of (is that really something you can be worried about?) and am always wondering if what I write sounds silly to others or if my grammar is all wrong (and perhaps it is, I dunno . . . ?). I mean, I went to school to use my creativity on paper by splashing paint onto paper and drawing faces - not by using a pencil to tell a story that makes sense!

So what does this kick-arse friend look like?! Beautiful. On the outside but especially the inside. God blesses me so much sometimes that I wonder why I am this lucky! Do I really deserve these people?!

So here we are at on a couple different occassions in our friendship's span. I have tons more but these are the only ones I had online - I don't feel like scanning. Call me a scanning slacker ;c)

Yes, I'm preggie! And that is my hubby and her hubby, Jas, who is also one of my hubbies dearest friends. We miss them - they are in Chicago - only a 3 hr drive, but still . . . there just never seems to be enough time. Sigh . . .

Love you, Jo! (And thank you.)


Michelle said...

Awww. Jo is such a good gal :)

She's right about the kiddos clothes too!! Jo, you and Jason need to have some kids and then claim those hand-me-downs!!! ;)

Jo said...

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!! My very own entry?!!!!! Holy Moly!!! I don't know what to say! You are so so so sweet to say such nice things about me! I feel blessed too. ;) AND you just made my day.