Liza, Liza, you're so cool!

Liza joined in on my self-portrait challenge and it makes me soooo excited! (See, little things really excite me.) It's so cute, Liza! Your little composite of pictures and your hair cut! I love it! Now maybe some of my other fellow readers will be inspired to do one . . . ahem, Alexis?! The pressure is now on people! Make Val happy. You know how we have a flooded basement, right!? Well, if you take part of this challenge, it will make my day. Doesn't that make posting your picture for the world to see totally worth it?! (I would hope so!)


Jo said...

I'd totally do it if i had a blog, but I don't. I do LOVE pictures though so everyone else should keep doing it, because I love looking at them. :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

Yeah, yeah yeah. That would require me to have my picture taken :)

mama2dibs said...

Alexis, I just held my arm out and took some shots of myself. It probably would have looked better if I let Chris take the pics, but oh well.

Val, I'm glad I could make your day. I am very self concious about the way I look, so that was a VERY big step for me. That's why most of the pics are of Dibs. :) Thanks for the challenge...it forced me out of my comfort zone and that is good for me once in awhile.