Foto Friday (with thanks)

Thanks, everyone, for your smiles, hugs and thoughts of concern. I'm ok, just overwhelmed with home life and work life. It's all working out. I will update one day . . .

As far as Foto Friday, this is one of my favorite recent pics. I also put it up at my VWC blog because she deserves to be recognized.

This is Heather and I at my last wedding. (Re-reading this, it makes it sound like I get married all the time, doesn't it?! ha!) She is the bestest assistant ever, and the bestest friend. She really is amazing, and isn't she cute?! :c)

Happy Memorial Day weekend. Hope it's splenid for everyone.


Erin said...

you two are so cute! Happy weekend.

Alexis Jacobs said...

What a great pic :) And yes, Heather is awesome. You're lucky to have such an awesome friend.