Just for Anissa!

Anissa, Jake and Kelsie.

If you lurk, read and/or comment at Anissa's blog, My View From Five Foot Two, you have probably (maybe?) figured out that she is my cousin :c) Her blog posts are so funny and entertaining. I just love'em (hint, hint, go visit her!). Anyway, while going through some pics for Mother's Day, I found this one. How long ago was this, A?


A said...

Oh my goodness! I think this picture was taken about 9 years ago! (Gulp) There is no way that I can be that old! I miss Jake being that age so much, thanks for posting it!

it's me, Val said...

Wow, 9 yrs?! Doesn't seem possible does it?! I just remember playing washers and taking pictures of the kids. I loved taking pictures of Jake . . . he's always been such a cutie-pie! Of course still is.

Joe Plummer said...

I think you guys are right because Kelsie would have been almost 6yrs old in that picture. I have never seen this one before though. Any way great picture. Hope to see you all soon.