Random thoughts and . . . wine.

I hope the wine part of my title pulled you in to read this. And really, I will eventually talk wine, but first you have to hear me "whine" a tiny bit . . . sorta. Yes, fine, it's whining.

It's always a huge feeling of accomplishment for me as a mommy when I make it through an entire day without Neil without any discouragement in myself as a mother. Neil just does so much for me as a husband and father to my children. And it takes a lot, most days, for me to not get discouraged as a mommy. But today was a pretty non-discourageful day - yay!

When Neil comes home from work, many a times he will make dinner so I can start right away on my photography work, then he'll bathe the kids and get them ready for bed. I'm not totally settled on this routine but we do it when I am in desperate need of time to work, and lately that's 4 out of 5 nights because I'm so backlogged with orders (good thing, yes). But (bad thing is) this is what we have to do for now until I can work at home during the day, which will most likely be when the kiddos are in school. (*gulp* I know this will be sooner than later and the thought of them being school is just . . . not something I want to think about.)

So, if you can't tell, kids are in bed (early - yay!) and I am in need of some adult conversation. I hate the phone (really seriously hate), so this blog will have to do. Hooray for blogging for stay at home moms (like me) whose husbands travel (like mine) and who feel the need to say more than what a conversation entails with a 3 year and 18 month old (like with mine). I just need to talk! So, feel free to leave me a comment (actually, I'm begging you to - you know how they make my day, right?!) . . . even if it's just to tell me what kind of wine you you prefer.

See, I told you wine.

I love wine and just over the weekend I discovered a new one that I wanted to share with all of my wine-loving friends. It's called Polkadot, a Reisling from Germany and it's nice . . . quite tasty . . . I really liked it and it's officially my new favorite of the moment! Please do try it. Sweet, but not overly sweet, and just hits the taste buds perfectly. It's more than worth it at just $8.99 a bottle! And just look at that bottle . . . it's blue and gorgeous! I'm keeping mine to use as a vase for a flower! :c) (Hey, any reason to keep something pretty!)

If you've made it this far . . . woo-hoo! You rock! And here are two pics from Mother's Day when we had a picnic at the park. One favorite and then a self-portrait of Neil and I. I think it's kinda cute. As hubby stated "we're hot" in his silly Neil way. :c)

Here's to another good day tomorrow!


Jen said...

Reisling is my favorite, too. :) Aaawww. Wish I could have some with you, Val. Gotta go. Night. Night.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Aldi's has a great Reisling. It is in a blue funky shaped bottle with a lady who looks like Mary. And the best part is it is less than $5.

Great park pics :)

Jen said...

well done my friend
what a good daddy

I really only like white wone
great photos Val :)

Leesha said...

So glad to hear you had a good day. Hope today is too!!

I feel the same way with my daycare kids...having 6-8 each day I just pray, pray, pray that each are having a good morning as they are being dropped off. I just thank God that each love coming here :)

Wine...awwwww yes I have those evenings too. (All my kids are gone, normally, by 5:30) I still love to sit and watch my favorite show with a nice glass of wine. I like sweet wine...Mascoto d'Asti is my fav!!!

You are a great mommy!!! Love the pics. Looks like you had a nice time.

lil ole' me..... said...

Val, my favorite wine of the moment is probably Yellow Tail. I like their reisling and chardonay. It's good and inexpensive.
But, if I stick to my MO roots, I will go with the local Stone Hill Winery Steinburg (white or red). Gotta support the local business, right?! :)

Oooh, a meeting with Hershey. I would have a long list of chocolates for my husband to bring back too! :) Maybe you'll get one of those 5 lb. Hershey kisses! :)

Jennifer said...

Val your too cute. Love the pics! Your family..your hubby, reminds me sooo much of my own family! So since I think of my family as being fabulous..well I think that of you all too!
wine...don't drink, but when I did, loved mine...white wine though! I was a margarita girl though..and beer...and long island tea..must I continue?
Hope you have more great days ahead

Keep blogging along!!

Mrs. M said...

i know i'm the last person in the world who likes blush, but i like white zinfandel! I also like chardonay and pinot grigio. I will however, attempt to find bottle of the polka dot for this weekend! Thanks for the suggestion!

oh, and love the pics!

Tracey said...

I'll be the freak here. I hate wine! But, give me some Malibu or Absolut mixed with Coke, lemonade, Kool Aid, heck pretty much any liquid, and I'm a happy camper. ;@) And I've got a photography question. What settings or pp tricks do you use to get your outdoor pics to pop so much? I have to send our realtor a new one of the house and I want it to look great!

it's me, Val said...

Tracey, my camera has a "vivid" setting that I almost always use, even at weddings. I didn't do a thing in PS to either of these photos. Just imported them and put'em online! Of course, as you know, time of day, sunlight, ISO setting and f-stops make a huge difference, too. I think I also shot this at iso 100, F8 and overexposed it in camera a bit. (Always better to overexpose than underex.!)

Erin said...

You are "hot" and those are great pictures. I, too, rely on my husband a very great deal when he's around (which is almost always since he doesn't travel for work). I need that extra time during the day without the girls (even if he just takes them upstairs so that I can make supper without them hanging on my legs). Hope you have another great day today!

mama2dibs said...

Hey Val! I remember the days of Chris's business trips...blech! I am so sorry.

I love the pics. I think your husband reminds me of Kyle Busch. Sorry, I know you aren't into Nascar, but he does. Too bad he doesn't make Busch's money, huh?

Good luck with the kiddos this week. I wish I could invite you over for supper or something, but that might be a little bit of a drive. Ha!

Johanna said...

I think you should offer photography classes to your friends. ;) You know how much I love pictures (and take ridiculous amounts of them) but they aren't really that good. :) Anyway, love wine. I'm a total wine-o. and i'm so glad that you had a great day!

Michelle said...

Glad you had a good day yesterday! Hope today is another good one for you guys! :)

I will try and find some Polka-dot round these parts! Sounds yummy!

Artsy Momma said...

Hey you should check out this winery I went to it when I visited North Carolina. Their peach wine is the best!


oh amanda said...

you're SO hot! ;)