More joy and a little bit of scare.

So it's done! We have a new (piece of a) sewer line! We can now wash clothes, dishes and the best thing . . . ourselves (hehe)! Yayyyyyyyy!

Good news ~ it didn't take an entire day to do.

Other good news ~ while our patio that Neil built is torn up, it's not as bad as Neil thought it would be.

Even more good news ~ price tag = $2000 (yep, that's it - I say "it" with unthrilled exaggeration! - we thought it would be closer to $3,000)

Bad news ~ our yard looks like a dump truck came in and unloaded fill dirt in our once very nicely landscaped yard

I honestly do not have too many more things to complain about because I'm just soooo relieved we have this done now. One huge stressor off our shoulders. Now if we could just sell the darn thing . . . Deep breath. In God's timing, I know . . . (I'm trying to smile now.)

We watched the workers from Noah's room. They had to dig really really deep. The picture at the bottom shows the roots that were down there blocking the tile. See them? They are like 6 inches in diameter. The tile on the right of the picture has a piece of one of the tree roots sticking out of it. Amazing, really.

And here is the hole! See the sewer drain tile way down there? See it, see it?

Onto something else . . . Neil had a strange episode today.

I called this morning to see if he knew when the sewer people were coming and his desk neighbor picked up. Said he wasn't there and that he had just passed out. "What?!?!" I was thinking. He went on to say "he's ok, he's ok" trying to reassure me, he just didn't know if I knew.

I got off the phone and then freaked out a bit because 1) he wasn't at his desk and 2) he didn't call me! Was he somewhere else passed out? Was he at the hopsital? I went into worry mode. Then he calls me and said he "just passed out" and didn't know why. He told me he was sitting at his desk when he just blacked out. I told him he needed to go to the doctor. So he did. (Yay, he listened to me!) They did all kinds of tests on him. Everything came back ok except for his heart test.

Neil has always had a small heart problem, and to be honest, I don't think it's even a problem like many heart problems are. But one test today showed a small irregularity so he goes again on Wednesday for more tests -- a heart band?? Anyone know what this is??. Then the doctors sent him home.

He didn't have a concussion but he does still have a headache. On his way down to the ground when he passed out, he hit a garbage can and you won't believe the welt he has on his forehead! He's really lucky that he was not standing when he passed out.

So now he is home and resting. And seeming to be okay. I don't think anything is wrong, and he feels pretty confident in that, too, but it's still scary thinking that there could be. But I'm going to be positive and think that things will be fine. :c)

It's just been "one of those days".

My friend, Jamie, came by to bring a t-shirt for Noah, and when she did, she got out of her car and she and I started gabbing. Her daughter, Hannah, got out of the running car and shut the door, locking it behind her! (She told me later that she didn't want Noah getting in the car, haha!, she is 6.)

So, I had to drive Jamie to her husband's work, get the keys from him, and bring her back to her running car, and her child, who stayed with Neil who had just came home from his head incident.

But it was a few minutes that I got to spend with Jamie gabbing and we set up a get together for a week or so from now. It was totally fine and I didn't mind doing it AT ALL. Just kinda funny how this happened today on top of everything else. You know, "one of those days".

Anyway, hoping things will start going uphill now that all these not-so-wonderful things have happened sending our spirits downhill. Send some cheers my way if you will.


oh amanda said...

You DID have one of those days! ((HUGS)) to you!

Michelle said...

Hey...today is just about over! :)


Erin said...

What a day!!! Well according to my clock it's over (I don't know what the time difference is between here and you, but it's almost over none the less). That's so good that the bill didn't end up being the high end of the estimate, always nice when that happens. Hope you have an amazing day tomorrow!!!!

Jen said...

Im pleased you can now wash clothes, dishes and yourselves

Im sori about your yard :(

Im praying for your house to sell

I bet Noah was interested

Im praying for Neil

big hug

Alexis Jacobs said...

Keep us posted about Neil! How scary!

I know the yard was a huge PITA, but look at it this way. It is done and no longer will be a headache for you. ((hugs))

Jennifer said...

Val..I'm glad your yard is DONE! I know if that was me, I would just want that done..and cheaper than you thought was great too! A good selling point for your house is now a very old house with great pipes!!!..I crack me up! God Is GOOD!!(all the time)

Remember when things happen like this, it's a way God test us o see if we come to Him, and when we do are rewards are endless..........

praying for the house, Maia, Neil..anyone else?

Love ya girl~

lil ole' me..... said...

I am glad Neil is ok! I don't know what a heart band is though....
I am glad he listened to you and went to the dr. to get things checked out! I'm sure the R&R did him well.

And, I am sooo glad to hear that you are able to do some around the house things again!!
I know that the house will sell! I just know it!

((Hugs)) to you Val!!!

Victoria Martin said...

whew, what a day! gad Neil is ok! fingers crossed on the heart test!

it's me, Val said...

Thanks, guys! Neil goes tomorrow for the heart band which will monitor his heart for 24 hrs.

A said...

Glad Neil is o.k.!

Did they find China while they were digging so far down?

Jamie said...

Val thank you so much for getting me into the van sigh..... everyone had a field day laughing at me when I got back to work. (then they accused me of blaming my child for something I DID!! haha your my witness.)

Sorry about the hole.... would it help it I said it didn't look so bad? haha ok I know not believable but I tried.

We will just make up some really big pretty pots to put there to cover it up how about that??

Jo said...

VAL!!! Omg. I am so behind on your blog and I hope that everything is okay now!!!! Keep me updated! xoxox