Tag Tag, You're It!

I guess I'm not done for today, hehe. I just saw that I got tagged! Ooo, I just love getting tagged! Thanks, Annaliza! Memes are fun!

# Here are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I have known my hubby 22 years (correct answer for those of you who took my "Valley Girl Test" last week), which, if you do the math, means I have known him since I was in the 4th grade (he, the 3rd grade)!

2. I was a professional taste tester (really, seriously, and I tasted beans for a YEAR!), and have never ever been a waitress (another one from my Valley Girl Test) but I still give good tips.

3. I love folk music.

4. I love sashimi (thinly-sliced raw fish . . . first had when in Brazil and I would eat it every day if I could . . . thank goodness for an excellent sushi restaurant in Decatur . . . which Jenny-Jen introduced me to!).

5. I am a sucker for old Disney movies like the Parent Trap, The King & I, The Sound of Music (my favorite movie of all time!), to name a few . . .

6. I use to work in a flower shop which forced me to not like carnations, daisies, baby's breath and even . . . roses.

7. I know God put me on this earth to be a good friend to a lot of people, to be a photographer and make people happy through the photographs I give them, and to be a mother . . . which brings me to adoption . . . something I still hold close to my heart and want to do one day . . . my friend, Cerella, is going through the home study process right now and I just know she will be my mentor one day . . .

So now I get to tag. Here is goes!
Michelle from As My World Turns
Corie from My Life As a Book
Sognatrice from Bleeding Espresso
Mike from Something About Parenting
Annie from Crunchy with Style
Liza from Take a Ride
and Cait from Diary of a Wannabe Supermom

Have fun!


Jen said...

do you still eat beans or did you get sick of them?

I love sushi

Erin said...

Neat facts about you! I too think you were put in this world to be a great friend! Sweet, sweet Val : )

...and you can eat sushi for me as I will never try it : (

oh amanda said...

Oh, Val! I guess great minds think alike b/c I just did this one and tagged you! :)

Sue said...

Keep on praying about adoption, I never thought it would happen, but God opens doors!

sognatrice said...

Ask and you shall receive!

Your Number 7 is wonderful :)