Cute comforters = happy me.

I shop when I am sad and stressed out. I guess it's my way of keeping busy so not to think about everything I lost on my mac (personal pictures, clients - I hope to God I do have all my client work saved somewhere, Photoshop, all my grandma's photos that I scanned, old client emails and contact info, oh my goodness, just too much to even think about right now when no matter how much I ponder this and how sick I feel to my stomach, doing so isn't going to change anything at all. . . sigh . . .).

So, I bought things for Maia's room.

I decided to go with a totally neutral comforter. I can't decide. The more I look the more options I have and the more undecisive and confused I get. So I went with this at Linensource:
It's kinda grandma-ish, but I just see a lot of possibilities and I can change throw pillows out and match anything to it, like cute sheet sets, the rug, and all the throw pillows I already have for her room. Plus, it's long so I don't have to get a bedskirt! And I LOVE CHENILLE!

And then, because I really love the kukunest things so much, I wanted to buy a throw pillow, which they don't have, so I bought this instead:
I think I'll make a collage on her wall above her bed of prints, photographs and some of the old artwork I have that once hung in my bedroom as a little girl.

For Noah, I just ordered a comforter cover for him (I'll get the down comforter and bedskirt later). After he said he wanted dinosaurs, he then said he wanted pirates and then today he said trucks. So I'm stopping at trucks and trucks is what he gets. It's so cute and just went on sale. I got such a good deal! I love Garnet Hill!

So, yep, that's all I did all day long. Absolutely nothing (I deserve days like that, right?). And, okay, I also spent money on the internet, but well worth it, don't you think?

I do feel a tiny bit better but once I get my credit card bill I know that will change. Oh well. In the meantime, I sit here and enjoy my glass of wine and try to forget all that I lost on my computer . . . for the moment. Tomorrow is another day.

I get my computer back Monday. Then it's back to reinstalling Photoshop and everything else that I need in order to work. I'm not ready to take that on right now on top of packing and making moving decisions. So, instead, I might go get another glass of wine :c)


Jen said...

praying for you Val
love their bedding

Missy said...

So I was reading your blog (a little nosey.. I admit it!) and I must say that I really like the bed set you picked out for Maia's room. Then I saw the (not sure if it is a wall thing or a picture or what) of the Taj Mahal and I thought.. oh wow.. I've been there!! :) So when Maia gets older, you can tell her that her favorite cousin's FAVORITE aunt was there! :) (Remember... I called it!) Cute bedding... really do love it... and since you like "vintage things" I think it'll go. I remember my mammaw use to have a very similar bedspread in her room (nearly 20 years ago!... and I actually have it in my wardrobe closet.) I keep waiting for you to post a picture of your new home!! Good luck with the move and stupid computer... you and your family are in my thoughts!

Erin said...

Very good choice! It will make all the other decisions very easy in her room. It's so pretty!

Erin said...

...And sorry I didn't get to you on Noah's bedding before you decided. Silly girl, you don't need me, you have enough good taste all on your own. I like the one you picked and he's going to love it. (I like the idea of chalkboard wall or section of wall in a boys room for them to draw on. So fun...It's behind the bed in the picture of the truck bedding in case you're wondering what brainwave I'm on).

a wandering heart said...

Love your choices. The chenille looks so cozy!!! It reminds me of my mom's bedspread from when I was little. Really little. I can almost smell it. (That's a good thing...)

Alexis Jacobs said...

I am sorry about the puter. That more than sucks :(

I love the bedding choices. Way cool!!

Cerella said...

LOVE the chenille! Yet one more thing that we have in common....our love for the old vintage chenille look. It totally reminds me of my great grandma and to be honest...I had been thinking about doing our nursery in it. However, I need to do something unisex so I'm still contemplating. Hmmm. :)

Michelle said...

I can't wait to see the kiddos rooms!! They are going to be too darn cute!

Sorry bout the puter!

Tracey said...

The kids' rooms are going to be adorable! And I had to lol because we bought the exact same bedding set for Joey's new room! I'm thinking of painting the walls a deep blue to match. What color are you doing his room in?
Hope all your computer stuff is backed up and safe.

Shawn said...

Those are all so sweet ... we just painted our girls new room. It didn't turn out quite as I imagined. *blush*

But, I think hope lies in the artwork and other decor ... so, the search is on. Thanks for these sites as possibilities.

Candace & Anna said...

There rooms will look adorable!!! I am sorry about your computer! Hopefully you will get things reloaded without to much trouble. I shop when I am depressed or upset too!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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