Foto Friday (and a set back)

Bad news first . . . the set back.

We were supposed to close on our new house today. I stress the word "supposed". And please don't think I'm not grateful and feeling blessed that we even sold our house and even get to close on a new house, because I very much am. But it stinks because it majorly screws up a lot of things.

The relo company who sold us the house (they had bought it from the former owners since he was a transfer with his job) decided today that they could not close because they do not have the paperwork ready to do so. That's not our fault. So why do we have to feel the effects of it?

So we asked to get possession early. Simple thing, right? We just sign some papers for liabilty causes and be done, then close on Monday. Nope, not simple. They won't budge.

Closing is at 11 Monday morning now. Which is fine. Again, I'm so thankful that we are even at this step in the process and so very close to owning a new home. But, that means one less entire weekend to paint (which had only given us one weekend anyhow - we move in next weekend).

Why do we have to suffer from these people's mistake, which could have very easily been preventable if they had just done what they were suppose to do by the date they were suppose to do it? I mean, they had 4 weeks. Grrrrrrrrrr . . . Stupid relocation companies.

Now we have Monday evening through the rest of the week to paint. I mean, I have Monday through Friday afternoon to paint. Neil works all week. My mom has to work all week (every other week she works 1/2 days). I don't have a I-can-call-anytime sitter for the kids. All this means is I will try my very best to work during the day alone, but I'll have my kids, in a new house with nothing in it for them to do, and I'll feel like I need to watch/entertain/play with them and not paint. It's gonna be very hard to paint 2400 sq foot of house in 4-1/2 days by myself. Lord help me now.

I need to tell myself, this is just a small dent. A teeny tiny little bump in the road. I am a wonder woman and I can do it. I need some encouragment. How about a cheering squad? Better yet, are you sure none of you want to come help me?

On a happier note, my sis-in-law sent me pictures from our Sea Island trip and I picked out my faves and made a collage. Happy Foto Friday.

Click on me and I will become much bigger!


Louise said...

I am cheering over here for you...jumping up and down waving my pom poms and screaming "GO VAL GO...you can do it super woman!!!"....okay maybe not,..the lady at the computer beside me might wonder...LOL....
I do hope you get the job done without too many crazy moments with your kids...if I lived closer I'd come get them and take them to the beach with my kiddies!!...sigh..
Well girl...hope it goes well!!!
Have a super day!!

Michelle said...

I'm cheering you on too! Not jumping very high, but hey, still counts, right?! :):)

I should read your blog before I email you, huh?! Sorry!;)

Nice pictures, if I do say so myself! :)

Artsy Momma said...

Go Val Go!!!!

Wish I could come and help I actually love to paint and could use a painting party!

I have no mode of transportation and no sitter either. Just add one more screaming child to the mess and we would both be a wreck!!

I will keep thinking of you, you will get there!

oh amanda said...

You can do it, Val! And you know I would come over if I could!!

(I love the pic of the girls hugging! How sweet.)

Jen said...

Im sori about your set back
Im praying for you
love the collage
lloks like it was fun

lil ole' me..... said...

Here's all my encouragement and support!!!
Wish I was around to help you this week!
I know that it will work out. You've gotten this far. Maybe Mary Poppins will land on your new doorstep this week! (Smiles)

Hang in there!!!

Kelly said...

The last house we bought had the same problem because it too was a corporate owned house. I think people should stop buying these houses and maybe they'd get it together!

it's me, Val said...

Thanks for all the cheers, guys! :) And Amanda and Stef, I know you would bbe here if you could! Stef, there aren't too many people out there who share in a love of painting like I do! It's sooo therapeutic and just . . . fun! And Kelly, you are so very right. If only we knew what kind of headaches could come out of working with relo companies. We had no idea. But, you live and learn and *I* will educate, or at least try my very best to! :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

That totally sucks. :( Relo companies really can be pains. Believe me I know from experience. Good luck with closing today. Babe you are getting a new house!!