In the mist of chaos, I think of you.

Do you ever stop for a minute and really think about the people in your life and what they're probably doing at that moment in time? To be honest, I don't always do that because I so easily get caught up in my own life. It's hectic and crazy when you have a business out of your home, two small children and then have to deal with the ins and outs of what each and every new day bring. It's hard to think about everyone else. But there's times when I like to take a break and actually ponder what other people may be doing at that given time. I find it rewarding to just think of others even if it's just for a second. It makes me smile and anything that makes me smile is so very worth it. Don't you agree?

I decided to take a break (something else that makes me smile) from packing more boxes (something that doesn't so much make me smile). The chaos has definitely begun. We decided to pack everything -- even our clothes, food, every day essentials -- because every second of this week we are going to need in the new house before we actually move our furniture and the rest of our lively materials to the new home. So, we have decided to start spending the night at the new house come Monday night. Which means we have two nights left in this home which has been our home for 6-1/2 years.

Leaving here saddens me, yet excites me. I don't know. I have mixed feelings. My biggest feeling right now is that of overwhelming chaos. I'm actually quite thankful now that we aren't able to be in our new house this weekend to paint. Things are definitely going the way they are meant to.

The first thought that popped into my head when taking this 10-minute break was what my friends and family are doing right now at this very second (Is that strange, I don't know? I think that's normal, right?). Maia is napping, Noah is doing a puzzle and Neil went to get more boxes at his work. It's kinda peaceful around here for the moment. I don't have to think of everyone in my house if I don't want to. So I think of my friends. It's kinda fun. Do you ever do that?

One friend is on the east coast laying on the beach soaking up some rays. One is sitting at her father's bedside as he battles through a very rough time in his life (God give them all strength). One friend is probably hovering over the toilet as she throws up again during these weeks of pregnancy so eloquently (not) & ironically (for her) called "morning" sickness. Another friend is spending the weekend with her brothers and sister-in-laws who came in from (way) out-of-state for a summer visit. Another friend is probably out with her family in celebration of her 29th birthday (Happy Birthday, darling!). My list could go on and on and on . . .

I just find it so easily to forget those around us when we, ourselves, are so busy. It's so easy to get wrapped up in our I'm-so-busy-I-wish-time-would-just-stop-for-one-day lives. But it's not going to stop no matter how much we wish for it to.

I'm honestly not even sure what my point is. Except that I wanted you to know that I thought of you today even in the mist of all this chaos. You deserve to be thought about. So this post is for you. I hope you are having a good day. A good weekend. Or at least trying to make the most of whatever kind of day has been handed to you.

The rest of this week is probably going to be really busy for me. Super duper busy that I'm not even sure how I'm going to make it through without passing out from exhaustion or having left-arm chronic pain from painting my heart out. It stinks that there isn't a Starbucks closer to the new house than 30 minutes away. Because everyone knows, Val needs her coffee!

Anyhow, I probably won't be around much. But I'll be thinking of you. And I hope you'll think of me, too.

If you are of the praying kind, please say a prayer that we can make it through the week. That we can get a lot of painting done. That our transition from this home of ours for almost 7 years, into the new home in a whole new town with people we don't know, will go well. I'm nervous and sad and scared yet very very very excited. I can't believe this is happening already. Wow, God is good.

Welp, Maia woke up. Now back to choas.


Anonymous said...

Val, my thoughts are with you during this move. You guys have had to face quite a few obstacles, but always seem to make the best of things...I think this is why I admire you so much! I often forget, but do love to stop and think of my family and friends...what my brother is doing in DC, what my old foreign ex-change student is doing in Miami, my aunt at her bakery, etc. Thanks for the great read, as always!

Erin said...

Val, thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate so much the emails and prayers. I will continue to pray for you this week while your life is busy and chaotic. I'll pray that you'll find peace in the midst of it and have fun. ((((Hugs))))

Tracey said...

I thought of you today as I was packing boxes Val! I know you're in the same exciting hell I am and it made me smile. Hope your move goes smoothly, with no more surprises or setbacks. See you on the flip side!

Deborah said...

Best wishes in your new home! I'm sure there are tons of wonderful memories waiting to be made there.

Jen said...

"Do you ever stop for a minute and really think about the people in your life and what they're probably doing at that moment in time?" I do :)

Im sure there would be a lot of memories wrapped up in your house.
However, Im sure you will make many new and wonderful memories in your new house.

praying for you

it's me, Val said...

You all are SO sweet.

And hey, Alyssa, so good to "see" you! I haven't seen ya in a while. So nice to see a familiar face that I haven't seen in a long time. :)

Tracey, thanks for thinking of me today! What a day, eh?! Especially when packing boxes and trying to keep two kids entertained while you try to do it in the most organized (ha!) manner possible. :)

Thanks, everyone, for being so kind and responding with such happy kind thoughts. Made my night as I come home from an evening with my most wonderful neighbors, put my kids to bed, and hang out in my bedroom full of boxes. It's been a good day boxes and all. :) I love my neighbors (you guys know who you are!) and I will miss them so so so much.

oh amanda said...

Val! The transition will be over before you know it and then you'll have a heartful of wonderful memories of your "old" house and a whole new open door of new memories waiting to happen in your "new" house! Have a fun week, ok--even without Sbux! yikes!

Kelly said...

Nice post! And I will be thinking of you and wishing you well during your stressful week.

Michelle said...

I have been thinking of you this weekend!! ;) And I wondered if there was a Starbucks in Monticello or not?! I didn't remember there being one. :(

Best wishes with all the moving chaos. You are in our prayers!

Love you all!

Alexis Jacobs said...

What a great post. I think of you daily. I know how bittersweet this move will be. Hard to believe it's almost been a year since I came here. I just know you will love your house and soon be making awesome memories there.

Mike said...

Well-written. Very inspiring.


Jo said...

I'll definitely be thinking of and praying for you this week! Just think how great it will be when you are DONE!

Louise said...

I'll be thinking of you girl!!

I remember moving into our house that needed to be painted when I had a 3 year old, 1 year old and I was 8 months prego so I understand that moving exhaustion...you will be in my thoughts!!!

Hope all goes well!!

Wanda said...

Hi Val: Just found you through Erin's post. I loved reading your post and I am the praying kind, so I will be praying you will make it through the week and how nice to move into a new house!! Been in mine 26 years!