Slacker, me. Amazing, Ally.

I know I am wayyyyy behind. Way way behind. Behind with my work, behind with putting my house together, behind with doing everything on my to-do list (which thank God I found, Leann!), behind with reading blog entries and behind with writing in mine. But, hey, such is life, right?

I just got my desk top computer back up on Monday. I couldn't do any work until then because my laptop just cannot hold all the memory each one of my pictures take up. It would take such a slooooow time to just bring one up in Photoshop. I couldn't work all weekend long last weekend because when they (the Mac people) reinstalled the hard drive onn my desk top, they didn't tell me the password for me to install my programs, like Photoshop, to do my work in. I was so flippin' mad. But that's fixed now. Phew.

Neil took off last Monday and Tuesday of this past week so I could begin working again. I proofed just one wedding in two days, but that's mostly because it took me almost one entire day just to download pictures from CD's, to install (all over again) all my programs, to callibrate my monitor, etc. Took forever. I now have one more wedding to proof and then I can get on to the smaller orders that people have so very patiently been waiting on me to do. (Huge thank you's go out to them!)

Anyhow, I am almost done now with the 2nd wedding on my to-do list (from back in June). At this wedding, one of my good friends, who also assisted me in my weddings a couple years ago, came home from her job in South Carolina to visit her family. She also made time for me and spent an entire day reliving her working-with-Val days and we had a blast! Such a great time. Here's a picture of Ally and I from that wedding. Ally is the best. I so love this chica!Ally is my amazing friend who flies C-17's for the Air Force. She is a pilot to these powerfully huge planes. Here's a picture of her plane loading the President's Air Force One. Every time I see pictures like this I think to myself "wow, how lucky this girl is to do this and see the things she does".

Ally in her get-up on her plane.

Yes, she flies these planes that carry other planes and automobiles (and other things, people and equipment). She has also flown injured soldiers in the war to the hospitals in Germany. She has had to make journeys literally all over the world. In the fall she is changing bases and beginning work out of Alaska. She is really really excited. I am, too, because our hopes are to go visit her up there. Too bad she couldn't just pick me up, but she isn't allowed to make civilian stops. Darn it :c)
This is the view she sees with her own eyes almost every day. She has blessed us by allowing us to see what she sees. She gets to see the world in such a beautiful way . . . I love it how she is always taking pictures of it. I would be, too. Isn't it amazing?! (By the way, those mountains are Alaska.)
I swear you can see the roundness of the Earth. Absolutely breathtaking.
Here she shot a picture of what she sees while landing. She had another one that was right before they touched down. I was thinking "shouldn't your hands be somewhere other than the camera?!" She tells me about how she reads and takes pictures all the time while "driving". That just astonishes me!Some of her crew on the C-17.

Anyhow, hopefully as I get more and more work projects done this week, I can find more time to post. Until then, I wanted to say how much I miss you all and how I can't wait to get back into the "norm" again. (Question is, will it ever be normal again??) Take care and talk to you soon. xxoo


Jen said...

wow what an amazing job your friend must have
The vicar of my church use to be in the air force
she came and chatted with the youth group last night
I was there helping to superavise the kids
it was really interesting chatting with her about her life, her thoughts and her past in the airforce.

wonderful photos Ally took

till next time take care

Erin said...

Wow, Ally's a lucky woman to do what she does. What an amazing job and responsibility!! Such cool pictures, I'm going to show my dad when he's out of the hospital (he is a military plane, war plane, any plane buff and he's a pilot, so he'll love to see this). Hope you can get everything you need to get done, well, done : ) Been thinking about you lots and sending you hugs!

lil ole' me..... said...

We miss you too Val!!!

Loved the pictures from Ally. I can't imagine all of the things she has seen.

Hugs! :)

oh amanda said...

ugh! I read this and for some reason didn't get to comment. I miss you! So glad to see your post. What cool pix of the planes, etc!

Michelle said...

Very neat pictures! Best of luck to Ally as she relocates!

Glad to see you're back!! :) xoxo