I can only imagine . . .

I love that song. And it makes me think of Emma. I can only imagine what the reunion is like up in Heaven when she got to meet Jesus for the first time.
Emma with her brother, Ian.

One of my bestest friends, Jen, lost her dear sweet niece, Emma. As her obituary stated, she was born perfect, but at the age of 3 months, she experienced an event that led her life from that moment on a very very hard struggle for she and her parents. She was left neurologically damaged, never to eat by herself, never to run like normal kids. She did, however, experience more love than probably a lot of human beings experience in their entire life, in just 8 short years.

Emma was so loved. So loved. I never knew of a more amazing grandmother than Emma's. Grandma Ross was an angel to Emma, and her mommy, Julie, wow, so much stronger than I think I ever could be. While I know Emma's family will miss her immensely, I know that she is sitting with her Heavenly Father right now and is finally running around, laughing and talking like she was meant to do. She is experiencing perfection at this very moment and I know cannot wait for the rest of her family to one day be reunited with her to see her (and their God) in Heaven's perfection and beauty.

I never met Emma, but I sure do feel like I did. Jen talked so much about her, Grandma Ross talked so much about her. She was definitely an angel in their lives and I know will continue to be . . . for always.

To my dear friend, Jen, I love you, girly. Stay strong for your mamma, Julie, Ian & Addy. And when you need to just cry and cry and cry, call me.

We will miss you, Emma.

Emma with her favorite Aunt, Jen, just a few weeks ago.


oh amanda said...

Oh, Val. Thanks for sharing her story. Isn't it great to know that she's perfectly whole right now? And not gone forever! Praise the Lord!

Michelle said...

What an amazing little girl! May God be with her family now and always.

Jen @ One Moms World said...

What an amazing story Emma has to tell! I just went and read some posts over at her blog. She was a miracle in action and I can't even imagine what her family is going through. Thanks so much for sharing this story with us!

Jen said...

Thank you so much, Val!! That was nice for you to post this on your blog. Love ya!

it's me, Val said...

Jen, I wish I had been there for you and your family over the weekend. I'm sorry I wasn't. I feel like such a horrible friend.