bloiter-dom is back

I just found out yesterday from my mom that an old friend of mine reads my blog. Someone I don't really talk to, but do think about (and would love to talk to on a regular basis!). My mom talks to her mom and grandmother and keeps me up-to-date on her and her children. I am always sending good thoughts her way as I think about her often. We grew up together and have shared a lot of memories. She's had a lot of tough struggles herself and she is just on my mind a lot.

With that said, I never ever thought mom would tell me that Jennifer reads my blog, and that her mom and her grandma do also! Wow! It really made me smile. I've found out friends of my mom's read it as well and it just started me thinking, "hmmm, I wonder who else reads it who I don't know about?". I would really love to know.

People seem to like to be in hiding, and that's ok. I just would love it if my lurkers, stalkers, bloiters, fellow hidden friends would just come out of hiding for a second and say "hi", even if it's just once. I would so LOVE that. I know you may not have anything to say most of the time, but when you do, feel free to comment. And if you never do, well, that's ok, too. Just stick your head in and say "hi". I would love to know you are out there.

How do I comment, you ask? Well, if you go back to my blog entry in March, it explains how. Just click here.

Can't wait to "see" you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Val!

it's me, Val said...

So. Not. Nice. Whoeveryouare.

Jamie said...

Val, I should mention that I know that our pal (your old pal) Brigitte reads your blog as well so if you find a peeker from VA then I bet thats her. She reads mine but has never commented. She said its too much of a hassle..... sigh whats wrong with these people I ask you!!!

it's me, Val said...

Jamie, you crack me up :c) And no, I didn't know that about B! How fun! Hellos go out to Brigitte!

oh amanda said...

Yay! 3 new posts from Val! We're back in the real world!!! *big wave* I'm here, Val!

it's me, Val said...

Waving from o'er here to you, a! :)

(Btw, you crack me up)

Erin said...

Val, you changed your picture. I did a double take. I LOVE it!!! Isn't it crazy when you find out people who you least expect read your blog? I keep finding out all these people read mine (which would explain my stats) and I so wish they would comment. But alas, it seems you can't make people comment. I love commenting. So try and stop me! Ha!