Foto Friday ~ part II ~ 1st day of Pre-school

Today went really really well. For Noah, anyway. I probably acted like I did very well, but my insides were turning. I was still so nervous as I left the school and as I was stepping down the steps leaving, I so badly felt the need to cry, but parents were still trickling in, and I couldn't look like a total wuss. So, I took a deep breath, and Maia and I headed on to the grocery store, just the two of us.

Noah went straight into the gym, where all the other kids were, and where they meet every moring before school. He just stood and observed, because that's his nature with everything. Then he stood in the circle with the others while they sang a song, said a prayer and recited the Pledge. His teacher, Mrs. A, then told them to all line up, and guess what? They all did, including my boy. He didn't even turn around to give me a kiss, say goodbye or even wave. Boy that was heartbreaking, but I know he didn't even think twice about those things because he was just that excited.

So I'm thankful that this is how it went this morning. I'm thankful that he fit in right away, that he couldn't wait to learn, that he started talking with the kids right away. And when I came to get him, he didn't want to leave. I'd say that's a really good sign. He gave his teacher a hug and off he went with me. My boy is growing up. I'm so thankful to be seeing this day with my son, but wow, is it ever bittersweet.

Picture time!!

First of all, on Tuesday, Noah received a package from his Uncle Brad, Aunt Michelle and cousin Ella. He was thrilled silly to get it. What was the surprise? A pencil pouch filled with stickers and paper and pens. Even a pad of paper for Maia. They both had a great time with their goodies (thanks, Aunt Chel and Uncle Brad!)(click on me to see pictures bigger)

Then that evening, we had a picnic gathering with the rest of the kids in Noah's school, their parents and the teachers. Afterwards, we all went over to the school, we got to see Noah's room, meet the other kids and parents and get to know the classroom a bit better. We had a great time, especially Mr. Ready-to-Learn!

Here are some pictures from the picnic and his classroom.

Then today. We all know how today went. And here is my very happy, very excited boy on his first day of pre-school. A moment that is stamped in his mommy's heart forever. (click on me to see pictures bigger)


Erin said...

Wow is that ever reminiscent of Ella's first day. She didn't even look at me when I was leaving because she was so happy to be there. I'm SO HAPPY that he had a good time. What a relief for you. Great pictures.

Stacey said...

Aww, Val, Noah's beautiful. They're both beautiful children. A great momma can best be seen through the radiance their children exude. And yours exude! (oooh...that was deep. I may have to pen that, lol)

I know you'll enjoy this time with Maia so much you'll never forget it. Blessings! xoxo

Jo said...

I have a small tear in my eye for you!!! Look at that happy Mr. Noah face!!!!! Adorable!!! Way to go, Mommy. You survived! SO glad it went well. Now you are just that much more reassured that this is the right thing. Everything is just falling right into place. I'm so happy for you!love, jo

Jen said...

pleased Noah enjoyed it

my dear Val its very naturally for us to feel the way you did
i remember coming home 10 years ago and bawling

i think whats important for our children is to act like we are ok in this experience - it makes them feel more secure
what we do in private is up to us

thats an excellent sign He must have loved it thats excellent too
and ohhhhhhhh he must like his teacher too

wonderful photos

chin up Val hugs hell always be your boy even when hes all grown up

Michelle said...

I was tearing up too!
Ella had to watch the slide show again and again (I think we just saw it 3 times!!) :) And, she said "No-wah", "My" that's her Maia! :) She's yelling to look at them again as I type!!

So glad that ya'll had a great first day!:) We're proud of ALL of you!

Alexis Jacobs said...

WHat a bittersweet day ((hugs)) Sounds like he did awesome!! WTG Noah :)

it's me, Val said...

Alexis, I know it is for you, too. you are like an auntie to him!

oh amanda said...

What a big cute boy! And it is so bittersweet...I'm feelin' it for you!

Randi said...

I can't even look that far ahead! I'll be the same way with my son. They grow up way too fast:(

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comments;) I'll be back to yours as well! I'm always looking for good blogs to add to my bloglines;)

SuperMom said...

Val, those pictures are too, TOO cute. LOVED them.

Go back and re-read my account of Hank's first day of preschool (last September). I about died, I was so sad, and he barely even acknowledged me when I left. He ended up having SUCH a fun year, and I know Noah will too.

sara said...

Oh my goodness, Noah is so grown up!!! Love his school bag, it is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Glad to hear he did so well at his first day. Blake a Madeline started this week as well and it was not as good. Madeline feels all day school is just too long for her. (This is exactly what she said, what a piece of work!) Blake cried both days this week, missing his mommy. When my mother asked if he was going to work on being a big boy this weekend, so he would be ready for school and not feel the need to cry. He responded that he would work on being a big boy, but that he WANTED to cry. We are watching Blake and Emma today, so I am sure he will tell us all about it!

la bellina mammina said...

Your kids are gorgeous and Noah looks so happy to start school!

LiLi said...

I had to catch up, it's been a few days since I've read... and WOW, I'm so proud of Noah. I know it's difficult on Mom (I did this last year w/ Maegs)... but he's such a good boy and sounds like he's going to love school! Good Job, MOM! :) Enjoy the quiet down time with Maia, I'm afraid it all goes just too quickly!

Jen @ One Moms World said...

It's really bittersweet when they don't cry. It's like ok you want them to miss you but then on the other hand glad they are adapting so well.

I was a ball of emotions as well on the first day. Your kids are sooo adorable. I just love that dress on Maia!

casual friday everyday said...

i'm so glad i have a couple years left. even on the days when i want to pull my hair out i need to really soak in these times. sweet pictures, val!


Louise said...

WOW first day of pre-school big day!! I remember that day so well when my Noah went he is my oldest too, I found it SO hard....now why is it that my youngest is going to Grade one full time and its okay??
Great pics!!
I am SO excited for you and Erin you'll have a BLAST!!!!!!

MP said...

I LOVE that your kids are such hams..they know what to do when mommy has the camera. My step son is like that too.."act natural"..NOT silly.
Great memories caught on film, I love it!