Loving my bed, but missing him.

The two only reasons why I like it when Neil is gone out of town on business.

1) I can lay in bed with my laptop, type as loud as I want, and not bother anyone (him).

2) I can sleep sprawled out in bed and sleep like a baby. (Well, unless my babies don't wake me up in the middle of the night, and that most likely never happens. But I will still get to hog the bed and I sure savor these hogging moments!)

Yeah, Neil is gone again. This time to Salt Lake City. I'm excited for him however, because he's never been there before and he says it's pretty (of course he didn't use that term, but anyway . . . ), and also because he is eating good food (I'm jealous!) and meeting some nifty people.

I guess he met with a big technology developer today for dinner in SLC. This guy had to push back his dinner meeting with Neil because he had a long lunch meeting with Rudy Giuliani. Neil said this developer guy, whose name I have no idea of, is one of Rudy's biggest financial donors from Utah. I thought that was kinda cool. This guy thinks Rudy is definitely going to win the Republican vote, but of course he is giving Rudy millions of his moolah, so why would he think he's going to lose?

I do really like having an entire bed to myself. But I don't like it empty for a really really long time.

Once he gets back from Utah, he then turns around and leaves for Germany on Sunday morning. *sob* I really hate when he travels, but I know it's for the good and I do love having all that room to take over the bed. But, it does get lonely.

I wouldn't mind if he'd ask me to just hop on the plane with him when he goes to Germany, but then would the kids fit in the overhead compartment? Probably not. We can't really justify spending the money for them to fly at their age and for the short amount of time Neil will actually be gone (4 days for an overseas trip really isn't that long when you're talking jet lag). And I'm not sure we can even really justify spending that much on a ticket for me either, unless we planned to stay over a week. Maybe one day that will happen.

My point. I love a bed to myself, but will really miss my dear hubby. Please, friends, keep me company while he's gone. You know how I get with needing adult conversation!


Jen said...

praying for safe travels for Neil

I like Rudy He seems like a good and nice guy

mama2dibs said...

I know exactly what you mean...ahh, the thrills of not having to roll into anyone or bop them or have them bop you. I love sleeping in my bed by myself. But, alas, business trips STINK!

oh amanda said...

I know how you feel girl. My dh has been out of town about 3 days this week. I love my bed but miss my dh. (just not his snoring!)

Michelle said...

I do understand the lonely factor. It is football season!!

Hope Neil has safe travels. And, he always brings home great pressies, right?! :)

Erin said...

Hope he has safe travels and that you are not to lonely. Wish I could come keep you company!!

Louise said...

I hear you girl!! Love the empty bed for myself but yet sometimes it feels TOO empty!!
Safe travels to your honey!!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Getting the bed to myself, cereal for supper and having the TV on as loud as I want are all pros for DH traveling.

Hope Neil is enjoying is trip and gets you some great ketchup.