Pre-school here we come!

I can't believe Noah is at the age to begin pre-school. It's one of those things that I'm really excited about, yet am nervous about, because, well, it's just one more sign that my baby is really growing up.

I am totally looking forward to mornings where my children aren't pestering each other and mornings that I only have one child with me for errands. (Target will once again be seeing more of me. Not sure how happy hubby is about that one. Glad he doesn't read my blog!) But it makes me a little nervous that Noah will be more on his own now and someone other than myself will be teaching him and guiding him. But on the flip-side, he will have the chance to use his mind in a way he didn't know he was capable of doing. He will probably make some good friends, too, and I am hoping so will his mommy ;c)

My friend recommended this school and yesterday I met with the head administrator. I absolutely loved him. And I also, unexpectedly on all accounts, met 3 of the teachers there. They were all so great . . . very friendly . . . and you could just tell how passionate they were about their kids! There's nothing better than that.

The school is a private Christian school. The grades go up to 8th grade. I have no idea how long we'll keep him there, but I know for at least his 2 years of pre-school, its the right fit for him. He could be in the 4-year old class this year, but we both feel it's probably best for Noah to at least start out in the 3-year old class and go from there. Next year he would definitely be in the 4-year old class. I'd rather him be the oldest of his classmates than the youngest.

(I will post their philosophy below, but first, . . . ) It's because of schools like this one, that we chose to move here. I think it will be such a great fit for Noah's foundation of learning, regardless of whether he stays there or goes on to public school. The teachers are SO passionate - it showed in the hour I was there yesterday. Their doors are always open (Mr. H said he expects us to visit unannounced as much as we want to), and the class sizes are less than 10. Noah's class will have SIX. How cool is THAT?!

So while I'm a tiny bit hesitant just because I want him so much to enjoy it (that way I know I can go on with my day more easily knowing he is happy), I am on the most part, very very very excited for him. And I already know 2 of the boys who will be in his class and they have such great parents and are great kids . . . it just makes me so . . . happy . . . it's just a bittersweet happy.

For those of you interested, here's what they say about their philosophy:

At "MCA", we start with the Word of God as our foundation. A focus on the person of Christ, Bible heroes, the principles and teachings found in the Word, serve as our basis of truth. We believe that Bible-based instruction produces children with Christian character.

We believe that children rise to their academic, emotional, social, and spiritual potential in Christ in an environment that is Scripture-rich, loving, and challenging. By basing our philosophy of education on Biblical principles, our students come to know how to make decisions in their life based on eternal truths, not on passing social or cultural trends.

At MCA, we think of our curriculum as being “American Classical.”

It is classical in the sense that our language arts focus in the primary grades is phonics-based, with an emphasis on explicit letter sounds and penmanship. In the intermediate grades, the spotlight shines on word studies, and language expression. By reading classic literature, writing to specific audiences, and acting in many of our school's productions, our students learn to face the world with confidence.

Our curriculum is American in the sense that we teach Christian character through studies of the Pilgrims and our Founding Fathers. The virtuous lives, scholarship, eloquence, and faith of these great American men and women, we believe are worthy of study and emulation.

In a word, our method of delivering instruction is, tutorial. Because of small class sizes, (10 students maximum in Pre-K through 3rd grade, and 15 students maximum in 4th through 8th grades), we are able to give plenty of individual attention to every student. Each teacher's goal is for all students to achieve mastery in every unit of instruction. At MCA, your children's teacher is also their tutor.

Students of MCA score well above national averages on standardized tests. Not because they have learned how to take the test, but because they have knowledge, and have learned how to be a thinking and reasoning person. Due to of our emphasis on academic quality and character development, students are very well prepared for the educational and social demands of high school and college.

Most importantly, the results of an education at MCA can be realized by the Christian character displayed by our students. Students at MCA can articulate a Biblical perspective on life. They are able to demonstrate an understanding of what it means to be self-governed by Christ. Students here learn how to listen to God through their conscience. They exhibit the decision-making, academic, social, and spiritual skills necessary to lead a successful Christian life.


it's me, Val said...

I am really looking forward to hearing comments on the school from people . . . especially those who are teachers . . . because so many of you in my life are (were, forever will be!)! Chel, Katie, Am, Andrea, Nicole, Anissa, Missy, . . . knowing Noah, what's your thoughts, good or bad?

Jen said...

praying Noah enjoys it
preschool education is very important
your right it is the foundation for all other education thery partake in in the future
there is a marked difference between children whom go to preschool and those that dont

Val you got I got my bachelor in early childhood education

Chel said...

I'm a working mom, so both of my kids were always in daycare, so preschool with my oldest didn't bother me. He was still where he always was. But kindergarten was a fearful thing (that I was pregnant and hormonal when he went to kindergarten is beside the point). I couldn't imagine people I didn't know and love taking care of him. But I kept reminding myself that he was God's first and the he would be okay. And he was.

Noah will make friends, and you'll be astounded at the things he'll learn every day. I am still surprised at what my kids learn - and teach me.

Anonymous said...

I like the school philosophy! You know, much like many other 70s disco babies, I didn't go to preschool... I wonder how different I would be, as a person, if I had gone.

oh amanda said...

Oh wow, Val! That first paragraph of the philosophy had me. It sounds awesome! I know, just thinking about someone taking care of Lydia and molding her mind for hours a day makes me nervous--this place would make me feel much better!

Michelle said...

It sounds great! I love the fact that they keep the class size under 10 up until 3rd grade! And, the fact that you felt so comfortable just dropping in and that the administrator was so readily available says a lot! And getting a good vibe from the teachers is always important! And, I love the fact that it is a Christian school based upon biblical principles. What more could you ask for, really? With that said, I can't believe my nephew is going to school?!?! (I know, much harder on you Mom!) :) He will do great though! And,you know him best, and if you feel keeping him in the threes class will be a good fit for him, then go for it! I know many parents who have opted to do it this way and have been more than happy with the results (the kids have done excellent and really blossomed!)

I can't wait to see Mr. Noah's monumental first day of school picture in a few weeks!! :)

lil ole' me..... said...

This sounds great Val! I love their Christian-based education and the fact that the class size is so small! Noah will be able to receive so much individual attention! Wow! Sounds like a great place for your lil one to start pre-school!!!

it's me, Val said...

Amanda, what you said made me feel really good, so thank you sweets :)

And Michelle, this was the most you've ever written to me in the comment section! How fun! and thank you for the feedback. I knew you would have some for me and I really appreciate it. I'm so so glad you approve because that does matter to me a lot, actually! I think they're very okay with me putting him into the 4's if we feel he can do it. That's one reason why I love the school so much --- they are so flexible and really care about what the parents think/want. I'm taking his paperwork in tomorrow. Crazy, isn't it, that he's off to school in less than 2 week-a-roos?! I get so nervous, yet so excited.

it's me, Val said...

Wait, no, less than 3 weeks. It was 3 weeks from this past Friday. Duh.

And Cor, thank you!!!!

Jo said...

Where does the time go?!?! It sounds like an amazing school. Noah is a very lucky little man.

Alexis Jacobs said...

I think education and books are two of the greatest gifts a person can give a child. Sounds like an awesome school.

**sniff sniff** Look how big our babies are.