Today's jabber

I'm really not even sure what to talk about today. Maybe I will just share the nonsense in my head? Oh what fun, eh? Oh well, bear with me.

First, something exciting . . . sorta. Neil, get this, stayed in the same hotel for two days as THE ROLLING STONES! As of yesterday when I talked to him, Neil hadn't seen any of them, but his boss did!! He saw them driving away in a Mercedes with people and paparazzi chasing the car with cameras! How insanely crazy is that?! I think it's pretty cool minus the fact that Mick Jagger could be my grandpa, but who knows how I would act if I actually saw them in person, because my excitement level sure rose when I met Willie Nelson, and of course now, he is my all-time favorite. (*giggle*) They preformed in concert in Hamburg and I looked up tickets on ebay . . . the starting price was $300 a pop. Um, no thank you. Dad, how bout you?

Exciting news here in Illinois, well, for our family, that is. Hubby comes home tonight!! He just called and he's boarding the plane in London. I can't wait to see him. Maia and Noah talked to daddy yesterday on the speaker phone and they both were really excited. Maia's answers to all of Neil's questions were "yesh", "yesh", so Neil said "is your tongue purple?" and she answered "yesh". He said, "I knew you'd answer with that". :c)

The week actually hasn't been that bad. It helps when you fill your week up with a busy schedule. Yesterday we took the kids to a new aquatic center nearby and that was really fun. Noah had a blast yelling constantly, "look at me! Look at me!" I got some pictures but they are on Leann's camera, which I hope to get tonight to start downloading. But then we headed over to my good friend, Mike Judge's, studio. I got to see his new kick-butt place (they just redid the entire place) and visit with him and Nora. Noah hung out with Tyler, their grandson. It was so nice to see them.

Not big news to you, but to me . . . We had about 50 broken down cardboard boxes just laying outside my back door. We had been taking a handful to set with the garbage each week. It would have taken us months to get rid of all of them, so my friend, Leann, came over and we carried all of them to the curbside and the garbage TOOK ALL OF THEM! You know how nice that feeling is to get rid of garbage that has just been laying around?! It was like a huge weight lifted off of me. That was worth noting, right?

I'm not usually a Kohl's fan for clothes or shoes, but I was there earlier in the week looking for towels and wandered into the shoes, and found some really cute Adidas running shoes I liked. So I bought them, for, get this, $34.99! Is that not a great deal for these?Sunday we are trying out a new church. They are suppose to have an amazing children's program, which as we all know, is a must. A great church overall from what I have heard. Very similar to the one we left. I already know a few girls that go there. I'm excited to find a place to call "home", to make a network of friends in a church, and a network for my children, so I hope this is the one. I'll be updating Monday!

I have so many pictures I need to update ya'll with. I also have tons and tons of work to do since I haven't done a single thing all week (well, really for 2 weeks now that he's been gone for about that long total), but I am going to try really really hard to get both my work and play photos done this weekend. Wish me luck. Send some positive *get-your-work-done-Val* vibes.

My weekend starts today since Neil is not going into work tomorrow, so happy weekend, dear ones!


Candi said...

I bet you are so glad to have your hubby coming home!!
My dh served 4 years in the Army and that was plenty for me. I don't think I was cut out to be a military wife either. In our first two years of marriage, we only lived together for about 2.5 months. He joined one month after we married and then went to basic, AIT, and his first tour of duty was Korea. It made us stronger, for sure, but I'm not really up for doing that again!!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Those are almost the shoes I bought, but instead Emily and Matt both got a pair, just in different colors. Too funny.

Yeah Neil is coming home. Enjoy your day tomorrow. Matt is off tomorrow too as he leaves Sunday for Illinois and Japan.

Jennifer said...

Glad your hubbies coming home for you and those kids...however living in Germany for 4 yrs, I would have to say I wish I was there!!! I love Europe. I've been to these church you were talking about, I was so high on mountain tops I could touch cloud..I will never forget those memories I hold of such a beautiful place with so much history!

Anyhow..love your shoes, because I have the same pair in BLUE..too funny! I got mine at Pick & Pair though!

I'll be praying for you all that Sunday goes well at this new church. Remember to give it more than one Sunday..go for a least a couple months. You can also ask for their mission statement, which will tell you allot!!! We love are church.

well have fun this weekend with your better 1/2.


lil ole' me..... said...

I bet you are so glad the Neil is on his way home!!! :) Can't wait to see some of his pictures from Germany. Did he get your ketchup???

I hope your first visit to the new church goes well. A church with a great children's program is a great find! Hope Maia and Noah like it too!!!

Here are my positive "get-your-work-done-Val" vibes....
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(those are what I decided vibes would look like) :)

LiLi said...

I KNOW you are so excited about seeing your husband!!! :D How fun to get to spend a long weekend with him!

Matt's parents fly in tonight to surprise Maegan for her birthday tomorrow, the kid is going to wet her pants, I swear! Matt's Dad has never met Wils, MAN I wish you were here to document all of this on film! I know I'm going to cry and cry and cry... nothing new there! LOL

Johanna said...

yay! Happy homecoming Neil!! Have a great weekend!

oh amanda said...

Oh, there's so much I wanted to comment about on this one...

...Lydia does the same thing. Ask her any question and she says "Yes" or "Yeah!"

...my hubby is coming home today, too! He's been gone for only 2 days but still!

...Kohl's. I totally agree. Not my store.

...can't wait to see your pics!

Have a happy day, Val!

Kelly said...

I don't know about you, but when hubby is gone, I have this huge to do list. Usually of things that I really can't get done with him home. Then the time comes for him to come home and I have done squat.

Louise said...

That is a great little update!! Great shoes!!
Good luck with the new church!
Can't wait to see all your new pictures especially the swimming ones..know they'll be great!
Enjoy your "weekend"

Karen said...

I think I have those shoes in a blue stripe version!

Enjoy your weekend & thanks for the shout out :)

Michelle said...

Your trash story totally reminded me of a funny story! Right after we moved out here we, of course, had tons of stuff sitting out on the curb for the garbage man. Well, he didn't take it, but lucky for me, one of the highlights of Ella's Fridays is to watch the garbage man. So, she was watching, and, I joined her, so see if he had taken the stuff. When I saw he hadn't, I literally, grabbed E, ran outside and chased him down!!! He must have felt sorry for me, cause he actually backed up and came and took everything! I was so greatful...so, I completely understand!! :)

So glad Neil is on his way home! Can't wait to see all the goodies he brings home with him! And, can't wait for more pictures of ya'lls fun week!! :) You know me, I love your pics!

Jen said...

yaye Im you will so happy to have Daddy Neil home again

hope you have an awesome weekend
and the new church is good

la bellina mammina said...

Yay! Lucky you! GAP is still away till next week, so I'm a single parent till then.
Sounds like you've been busy! So, have a good, fun weekend! :-)

Erin said...

Sounds like you kept pretty busy. That's very exciting that you found a potential church. That is so important to have that network. Hope you have a great weekend. : )