Officially now a mom.

It took 4 years for me to really become a mom.

I held my grounds for 4 years, for sure that I'd always be the driver of a cute little car. First it was my VW Cabrio that I had to give up right before I had Noah and now, with having absolutely no extra room, I am giving in and getting rid of my VW Passat. No longer can my license plate say VWCAMP and it actually mean two things anymore. Wahh. But the time was soon coming.

So my friends who drive them told me over and over that I had to get one. That I'd never turn back once I did. That one day, and one day soon, I would drive one. I think it was my husband, the same husband who said he would never (underline and capitalize never!) drive one, who talked me into it. Yes, I am weak, yet I am strong, because I got a minivan. And yes, you girls were right. I said it. Ha.

I cannot believe I am really officially a mom. My problem with this is, can I still be cute and trendy and "be hip" and not be stereotyped "mom" while driving one of these?! We shall see. I'm going to prove it so because no way am I giving in and wearing mom clothes. No way, no how. I will keep my dignity somehow :c)

This is not to say that I don't love my new car. I do. I love it a lot. How could I not love a car that will house my kids, two large car seats, all my camera equipment and lighting and hold groceries yet still have room left over? I even got to pick out the color because they had about a dozen on the lot. I chose red. Not fire engine red, but cherry red. It's so cool. I've gotta be somewhat hip driving a cherry red minivan, right? Oh wait. No way, because it's still A VAN. Oh well. At least if I die trying, I'll die in lieu of all the other mothers out there driving a minivan trying to keep their identities intact.
Why is it cars seem to show so much about our personalities? I'm not sure, but by golly, they do!

So what is it? It's a red 2007 Town and Country. The kids love it. Noah played in it for an hour last night when we got home. Neil loves it. I love it.

Yes, I am officially a mom. So, tell me, what do you drive? How do you feel about what you drive? Does it show your personality, or are you now like me . . .

. . . a mom? (I do say that with a sincere smile, I promise.)


Jen said...

i like your new car Val
I LOVE red

i have a ford fiesta its blue ive had lots of compliments about its colour over the years ive had her
shes ok she gets me where i need to go
shes a hatchback and I LOVE hatchbacks they can be when needed be little pack horses
Ive had about 2 or 3 hatchbacks over the years

Michelle said...

Looks cool! I was LOL about the not wearing Mom clothes and the whole debate over weather you could still be cool in a minivan!! :):) Cracking me up here! I have had that conversation and debate with myself and others so many times!

The color is very cool...a bit OU red, I must say! Can't go wrong with that!!

When we got the new wheels this past winter, we opted for the bigger, roomier SUV...we were not quite ready for the minivan stage yet. Brad, just as his brother, states that no way, will he ever have a minivan (we shall see, one day, all that could change...) But, I love, love, love my Honda Pilot! Plenty of room for us now, and should still be even once Peanut arrives!

Congrats on the red-hot new wheels!!

lil ole' me..... said...

Val, as a former VW owner myself, I understand how difficult this transistion can be! You will make it, I promise! :) I think what I miss the most is the "flippy" key! I must admit that I am happy with my new Ion though.... the VW Beetle was just too small. I'm a 4 door girl for sure.

You are still one of the hippest moms I know!!!

(I CANNOT, repeat, CANNOT tell Keith that you got a minivan. He LOVES them and wants us to get one and we aren't even parents yet!)

Enjoy your new car!!!

Jamie said...

Val!! You crack me up. Now this coming from yet another "Unmom" who said I would NEVER drive a van. After having mine for 3 years now I don't know how we ever managed before. After about a month you will realize how much room there is now and it will feel like the kids are no longer BREATHING DOWN YOUR NECK!! I can't stand being in a regular car with my kids anymore haha it makes me feel like we are all stuffed in a closet and thats not a good place to be with the family sometimes.
I am so happy for you and can't wait for a ride!!

Deborah said...

well...at least it's a cool color ;)

AS for me? I drive a station wagon, and an 11 year-old one, at that. So, I don't think I'm winning any cool car awards, either.

Enjoy your new car!

it's me, Val said...

Corie, that cracks me up about Keith! For some reason I can SEE him driving one and just loving it!!! When/if you do get one some day (and you probably will), he'll probably be the sole driver and you will still have that cute hip car still!! :):)

it's me, Val said...

Deborah, if I could have had any car I wanted, I would have chosen the Subaru Outback and it's a station wagon! I love those!! :c)

Alexis Jacobs said...

You know my opinion on my van. Matt drug me kicking and screaming to get one and now I can't imagine myself without it. Granted I had to go with a sunroof in the one I just bought for the extra coolness factor.

And btw, the minivan is great for other "activities" as well. Hence why DH loves it.

Jennifer said...

07' Nissan Quest! I love it..and it's hip and trendy...that's why you should have bought one, so you could be as cool as me...heheh! We could have saved you tons on $$$ to with the big Nissan sale on the 07!!!

But as long as you like what you got, that's what counts...just you know those Nissans are great cars...(o.k) people my husband works for Nissan)..I sjould work as their PR person as much as I talk about them

enjoy the new ride!

Louise said...

Hey welcome to VAN world!! Oh the life of a mom with a mini van the junk piles up the kids leave all sorts of toys in there as "extras" to always have something to play with...but it is good and it has been a mental life saver having all three sit together...not going to happen did one trip in our truck and that was our last..lol! It is a big change but you are still hot! you go girl!
I've got a red one too!! LOL
Enjoy the ride!

it's me, Val said...

Alexis I can NOT believe you said those words outloud! You made me laugh so hard!

it's me, Val said...

I liked the nissan Quest, as you know , but we could not pass up zero% interest and the discount Neil got on top of that through his work. And with the new style of T&C's, the '08's, they were even more eager to get them off the lot. So, that's why we went with it. I think I'm gonna love it. If we hadn't got that great deal, we would have been calling you, no doubt about it!! :)

And Louise, thanks for calling me hot --- you made my night, darlin'.

Kelly said...

I have a Jeep Commander that is possessed by the Jeep Devil. It's only 6 mos. old and the transmission has gone out (1st day home), the tail gate window pops open on it's own, and during the last road trip the "warning you have a problem with your tires" light kept going on for NO REASON! And to make matters worse it gets 11 M.P.G. in the city and only gets up to 14 on the highway. It is such a piece! I hate it. Thank goodness it's a company car that I don't have to keep for more than a couple of years.

Phew...That was cathartic.

But I'm still not getting a mini-van.;)

Erin said...

Val, what you drive will never change how cool and awesome you are!! (Although I maintain that I won't get one either...even though I know it's just a matter of time before it's necessary...like when you almost have to rent a UHaul to go to the lake because not nearly everything fits in your car, lol). I am jealous that you got to drive VW's all these years, though. I've always wanted one. I still say I'm going to get one once my kids are older and have their drivers and their own ways to get around.

I can't believe Alexis wrote about "other activities". So funny!!!!

SuperMom said...

I also drive a Chrysler T&C minivan and I feel extremely cool. ;)

LiLi said...

I promise, you will end up LOVING IT! I thought I'd hate my van. BUT, with in days I was thinking, WHY did I not do this SOONER??? I love my van! I hate my car payment and hope to be through with it SOON, but it's worth it for all the space. I feel like I can put anything in my car! I've really enjoyed it. You are a cool mom with or without a red car or a VW!

Anonymous said...

When I had my van, I didn't think of it as a mom mobile, more like a disguise! You could probably be driving drunk, swerving across the line and people would think 'oh, its a mom, probably reaching for a pacy' so next time you're out w/the girls, go ahead and have that extra margarita!
ps; this is just a joke, i am not in any way promoting drunk driving now that she has the valvan.

oh amanda said...

I've said the same as you...I WILL NEVER get a minivan. My hubby is a little uh....frugal, so we'll be keeping our Passat for awhile. But I've done so many of my "nevers" since being a mom, I can imagine that my minivan might be in the future! lol!

(I'll think of you everytime I get in my passat!)

Missy said...

So I'm not sure if this will make you feel better or not. I have a little Mercury Cougar... charcoal color.. LOVE IT. So darn cute.. so darn me. But my future Mr. HATES IT. "It's too small... I'm uncomfortable.. how can you drive this thing." He is dying.. DYING for me to sell my beautiful little car and get a ... four door! UGH! Kids aren't even a consideration yet... and he wants me to get a four door! Unbelievable! But not just any four door... no no no... he thinks I need a VW Jetta. "They are roomie - you rode in Michelle's... didn't you like it... it is so much nicer than your car" that is what I hear everytime he gets in MY car. (So thanks Michelle! Love you!) So while your bummed at the thought of getting a momma minivan.. I'm bummed about the thought of a family four door.

MEN.. I swear.. can't live with them.. and it's illegal to shoot 'em! :)