Wordless Wednesday ~ A (wordful) tribute to VW's

VW's are fabulous. And they have my name written all over them. (Literally!) I. Love. Volkswagons. Oh yes I do!

It all started when I was little and my childhood friend's dad called me "V-Dub". It was when I was of driving age, that I realized just how darn cute those vehicles were. So I dreamed and dreamed of getting a VW. Too expensive. Until a co-worker of mine was selling one of hers (yes, she had two). I snatched it up even though I really couldn't afford it. Luckily we did just fine with the payments and I had "Green" for 3 more years.

(So as I mentioned in my previous post about the new mommy wheels I have acquired, I thought I would post some pictures as a tribute of when I got rid of my first VW, "Green" back 4 years ago. (Yes, I am as corny as they come!))

September of 2003 I was pregnant . . . very pregnant . . . and about to burst any day. I knew I would be giving birth soon and knew that the baby could not come home in a tiny VW convertible. Yeah, it was possible, but not very likely if my 6'4" hubby were to ride home with us ;) So, sadly I got rid of "Green", who was a very good friend. But I drove away with a new Indigo Blue Passat, so very quickly I wasn't missing "Green" so much anymore.
Right after we washed her for the last time, I pose hugely pregnant before heading to the dealership.And here she is . . . so cute, don't you agree? I bought her in '00 the summer after we were married.Neil drove us to the dealership and I (as geeky as I am) snapped self-portraits of my belly. Oh my lands, is it huge or what?! I sure loved being pregnant, but I'm really thankful I'll never be this big again!By the time it was time to drive away, it was dark out. I shot this picture right before we hopped in the new car and drove away. There's "Green" on the right and the new VW on the left.
And, with talk about birth so much lately here at my blog, and since I was 9 months pregnant when we got the "family car", I can't not post a picture or two of the new little dootle-bug we named "Noah". This one was taken when he was 6 weeks old. Aren't we a cute little family?My boy, soaking up some window rays. He wasn't like this very often. He was colic for 8-1/2 months. I don't miss those days.And finally, me and my boy.

While I really loved my VW's and really like this new van (I still can't believe I have a van!), nothing, absolutely nothing, is more precious or more valuable or more beautiful than my children. And if a van accomodates them and works for us, then it's all worth it. It's even worth being "uncool" :c)

I think I'm going to still keep my license plate. Whatcha think?


Candi said...

Wow....lots of great pictures!!

I love the last one!!

Nancy Brown said...

Great tribute

Jen said...

wow Neil is tall!!!

LOVE the last photo

melody is slurping life said...

OK, I had to LOL about your car attachment and totally loved your belly self-portrait. But the baby photos...just melt my heart. Beauty.

Kelly said...

Love that belly shot! And I think you should keep the plate. You are at least a VW person in spirit!;) Happy not so Wordless Wednesday!

MP said...

cars are like little members of our family aren't they? I remember when I was young crying when mom and dad traded in the grad prix.. my step son is equally attached to our jeep and hates the nissan...it's just not cool.
Yes...keep the license plate!

Michelle said...

Great pictures! I too, am a fan of the V Dubs! :)

You have to keep your license plate!! We have our IL plates hanging on the wall in the garage and they are a great conversation piece! My Dad always kept all his old ones too, and I loved going into the shed and looking at all the old ones and asking him about what car or truck they were on!

LiLi said...

I miss my cabriolet!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I loved my VW! Oh and no you aren't a cute little family, you are a BEAUTIFUL little family! xoxo

oh amanda said...

I love that you are a VW! Beautiful pictures...of the car and the family! ;)