Purple Valley "trail mix", part 1

I'm going to call these kinds of posts, "trail mix" posts because trail mix is comprised of lots of bits and pieces of stuff, some of it yummy and some of it not-so-good (at least in my opinion). That's basically what my "bits and pieces" or "random thoughts" are, but "trail mix" is just so much cuter.

Today's trail mix thoughts . . .

  • My children like to be naked. Even when it's 35 degrees outside. And I let them. (Is this just a kid thing or are mine messed up?)
  • (Parenting brag) Maia told me she needed to poop today and she then pooped on the potty again. If only she'd tell us when she had to pee-pee. Arg. She did tell me later today that she wanted to wear "big boy underwear". Is that funny or what?!
  • I still haven't called my last client. I'm too nervous. (I need some encouragment! It's the lady in town who owns the fancy restaurant and it just sorta makes me really really realllly nervous)
  • (Parenting help) Noah is starting to talk back a lot. Isn't it too young for talking back? How do you put a stop to it?
  • We got new beds delivered last Friday. They were birthday gifts to my son and husband. What's so nice is, I get to take advantage of this super duper great gift of Neil's! We went from a full to a king, and man, is it fabulous. I have slept the best I have slept in probably 20 years. Thanks, Martha and Bill! Noah really thanks you, too. He's been wanting to go to bed early just so he can sleep in his new big boy bed. He loves it. (And we love that, also!)
  • I got to visit my friend, Lindsday, Sunday night. She and the new baby are doing so well. Caelin Scott (they call him "Cael") was born on Neil's birthday, October 22nd. He is so adorable and just the best baby! And guess what?! My losing of her maternity pictures has inspired her to maybe possibly try for baby #4 just so she can get the maternity pictures that she's never had. Oh!, and hopefully, maybe, also give her the chance to be a mommy to a baby girl! Check out how cute Lindsay and Cael are.
    And . . . do you remember the pregnant hick who was at my halloween party with tattoos and cigarettes? This is her! Isn't she pretty?! So many people asked me what she looked like in real life and when I told that to Lindsay, she laughed. I don't think she'd mind my posting her pictures for you to see her "before" and "after". Actually, she'd probably appreciate my showing you ;)
    Hehe . . .she SO played it up! She was awesome!!
  • Please keep my friend, Erin, and her family in your prayers. Her father had surgery yesterday to remove part of his jaw due to a cancerous area. He made it through but will have a long recovery (Thinking of you, Erin dearest.)


mama2dibs said...

I wish my pregnant belly could look like that. Hey! I can't complain though, I mean I am at least comfortable still. What a beautiful baby she had. I am ready for mine to come along. I just want to meet him/her.

jen said...

LOL im sure your kids are normal

WTG Maia Im sure shell get there in the end

Praying for you as you ring that client
Id get it over and done with I were you
and a piece of advice my sister gave me years ago pray before you ring her

time out works for us and telling Noah you dont like it

Erin said...

Did you post this after the other two and then sneak it in below? I swear it wasn't here when I was here this afternoon...hmmm...maybe I'm more stressed out than I thought : ) I'm so excited for Maia!! I wish Aidan would stop being so lazy and completely disinterested in potty training : ( Maybe Noah's talking back because he didn't have a voice for that whole weekend...or maybe he's just 4! I'll trade you him for Ella, she'd give you a run for your money this week. Not only is she talking back, she's bossing ME around! Oh, no you di'int!!! And Lindsey is really pretty without fake facial hair and a mullet!! Very cute baby too.

p.s. they didn't end up having to remove the jaw bone, praise the Lord. Just part of the tongue and some teeth. Thanks for the thoughts.

oh amanda said...

love your trail mix!

Chel said...

My kids LOVED the naked, too, but they grow out of it as they get older. It'll be okay.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Naked is normal. Heck I am still trying to figure out to keep Matt from being naked all the time :) And WTG Maia! And sweetie... call. You are only human. She will understand. ((hugs))