And yes, more pictures!

Ok, so I have some more pictures from a recent session to show you. (I really hope you aren't getting sick of my pictures.) I am in love with some of them (totally not gloating, I swear!). But part of that has to do with the fact that I love these kids! Remember me talking about my friends, Heidi and Jase? I just did a shoot the other night at their home. Caleigh and Tristan are some of the most adorable kids ever. Noah and Caleigh are the same age. Tristan was born April 29th. He is a DOLL. His nursery is decorated in cowboys, hence, the cowboy hat. These pictures will look so fabulous in his room!

All the shots are "studio" shots with controlled lighting. I really really really like doing studio shots, but it's honestly a LOT of work when I don't have a permanent studio. I have to basically take my studio to my clients. I think the results make it worth it, though. One day I will have that studio and I can't wait. It's a huge goal of mine. One day I will, yes sir'ee!


LiLi said...

Val, those are AMAZING! (and so are the rest that I happened to view while I was there). Caleigh is such a little girl now! She's precious. Tristan is a cutie pie! You are great!

jen said...

Caleigh is beautiful
well done Val

Jo said...

so pretty!!

Stacey said...

Val! Goodness it's good to hear from you--I changed my layout and thought I lost you forever! (I didn't think to save my contacts first, thump!)

I clicked onto those photos and insert low whistle here.....wow. I can certainly tell you love your work, Val. My daughter had her senior pics done awhile back and Jen, her photographer, was the same way. Consequently they turned out GREAT! Better go now--if I've misspelled anything, it's not my fault. I had my eyes dilated this afternoon and I can't see a dang thing! And I have to meet typing deadline in the morning. Help. Me.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Those turned out awesome! As usual :)