Help me help Heather with her wedding!

Two big posts in one day. Sorry.

As many of you know, one of my bff's (okay, so she probably is my closest bff as I see her like once a week, I don't care if she disciples my children, she is my favorite person to shop with, my kids call her "grandma", she comments on my blogs -- that is a bonus!, and whether we agree or disagree on something we always agree to disagree. I just love her.), Heather, is getting married. They haven't set a date yet, but they are thinking next September or October.

This is the deal. This is Heather's 2nd marriage. It's Lee's first. Ideally they would like to do a destination wedding but cannot afford it since they are paying for it all themselves. Heather is the head (awesome zookeeper at the city's zoo) and loves animals, outdoors, all that jazz. They are forgoing a church just because the one they attend is way way too small. She would really really like an outdoor wedding, but the whole weather factor scares her. So the idea is setting up a tent someplace. But where? (I even offered my yard! Ha!)

If they didn't have it outdoors under a tent, the locations are very limited. D-town just doesn't have a lot. As far as reception sites, same thing. Really, there are quite a few places, but they don't want to pay an arm and a leg for a place but also don't want to have it at the local community building. (I don't blame her.) Heather had the traditional wedding and reception first time around. She wishes for something more casual and different this time.

Could you guys help me brainstorm? Even if you don't know D-town, she (and I) would love suggestions (you see, I'm the coordinator - hehe, Maid of Honor and photographer!).

Let me tell you what she is thinking firstly. She wants fall colors especially reds and oranges, and pumpkins all over the place. I'm envisioning a big tent with lighted jack-o-lanterns surrounding it, lots of white garland lights, round tables, a small dance floor, etc. The problem is, the location. And how much do these large tents cost? Anyone know?

Please help Heather with ideas. . . . If you were to do your wedding all over again, what would you do differently?. . . Give her some good advice!

My advice would be to have a small wedding party and not to feel like you have to please everyone else (this does not include your wedding planner's thoughts, however ;c)). This wedding is to celebrate YOU guys and the family you already have (Cole). You are the kindest most giving person in the world, Heather, but this day is yours and the only time in your life that you'll have a day like it.

Help Heather create the best wedding ever!

If I had the money I would give her the best wedding ever, and this is what I would do . . .

And I would do this under a big tent:

Love you, Heather!


Jennifer said...

Check out your local pumpkin patches..see if they would rent it out for them just for the day.
They would have it outside, already allot of pumpkins....hayride instead of carriage ride..you know what I mean??
We have some awesome pumpkin patches here..i hope you do there..I think I'm too talented in my thought today...heheh

Seriously...they could have something really nice there. The best time to get table clothe material would be right now..all fall material and decor is 75%off!
I just bought the most beautiful fall ribbon at Walmart for .44 cents!!

Tents...call a rent place and found out..we rented one, but can't remember..maybe $100-150. A great place to get chairs and table(free)is at a church. Somestimes they have the tents too...how great would that be!

the ideas are endless..........

Mrs. M said...

my local zoo allows weddings on one of the lawns. since she works at a zoo...would that work for next fall?

tents are rather pricy in my experiences.

Alexis Jacobs said...

What about at Allerton park? Will they let you do tents?

The only other places I can think of would be outside at Scovill Golf Club or Hickory Point.

Also, just a weird thought, but what about out on the land of your grandpa's house? (if it hasn't sold) It would be beautiful out there in the country.

I love the cake and flowers you have picked out.

it's me, Val said...

i thought tents were really pricey, too . . . like thousands. if Heather doesn't call, I'm calling for her ;)

heather said...

I love all the ideas so far!! Don't worry, Val, I will call about the tents and other possible receptions sites.

I'll have a report for you by Tuesday night.

ha ha

MP said...

Hmm..my wedding was a December wedding just 3 short years ago. It's pretty fresh in my memory.
What about a museum or winery?
I'm going to think on this...I'll get back to you!

oh amanda said...

Where? I don't know...historical places? We have a ton of old plantation homes that are so cool. Parks? Someone who's rich who has a gigantic yard?!

My friend got married in October (I think it was the weekend before H'ween). And what I loved most about her wedding was the flowers--such autumn colors...maybe even leaves in them. It was just SO NOT wedding-ish that it was beautiful.

I used to work at a bridal shop so I LOVE weddings. I always said if I wasn't in ministry I'd be a wedding planner...now I say, if I wasn't a mom, I'd be a wedding planner! ;)

Hmmm...I'll be thinking.

oh! I just remembered one thing. When my bro/sil got married, it was Christmas, so of course, they used Christmas trees to decorate, so much cooler and cheaper than flowers. AND they had their families wear red/green so their pictures were AWESOME b/c we all matched/blended.

I could talk about weddings all day. I'm jealous you've seen so many!

Missy!! said...

1. Lafayette Tent Company in Lafayette, Indiana (duh!)... they travel all over, I've even seen them in KY! Check them out!

2. Tents are $$$$$. My best friend had an outdoor reception at her parents (it was really nice) and they had a tent- the kind that it looks like there are windows in it.. and I wanna say it was around 2K. Not positive though.

3. Location - the big thing around here is in a vineyard.. any of those around? What about her house? Is that possible? Or perhaps someplace that is special to them, a park, a baseball diamond.. soccer field.. etc. I also saw on Platinum Weddings where they had a tent reception on a double tennis court. They anchored it where the nets should be, it was hard incase of the dreaded rain.. etc

4. Outdoor receptions... keep facilities in mind. Restroom? Porta Potty... a tree. You don't want your guests in their Sunday Best (let alone her in a gown) using an out house.

5. What about Indiana Dunes State Park. I know it is really *local* but it would give her the beach feel without going to FL or shores somewhere.. just a thought.

6. One final idea... what about instead of a tent, they do it in an old barn. I know there are TONS of restored old barns around my folks that make very harvesty feeling weddings.. it goes along with the pumpkin / mum idea.

Those are my 2 cents... :)
Good luck!

PS I LOVE the pumpkin patch idea.. or apple orchard.. etc! YAY!

Good luck! :) *Been there.. done that... very recently!*