New me, but the same me (with the camera) that everyone knows

Okay, so you've probably (hopefully) noticed me looking back at you with my camera . . . the same "face" that my kids see all the time ;c) I kinda liked that picture, so much that it inspired me to revamp a new header today. (Like I have time. But I still did.) So yeah, it's a new Purple Valley over here. You like?

Now please go down and read my post about the upcoming wedding of 2008 . . . Heather's. We need some planning advice! I know if you're like me, anything weddings is so fun, especially when you're not the stressed-out bride. My goal, for Heather not to be stressed out. So I hope you can help.

Off to really work my buns off. My goal tonight -- a wedding album and all kinds of orders. Wish me luck.

** coming back in to say that the job offer . . . a few posts below . . . still stands. While I have some awesome volunteers coming to help in the next week, I am still interested in possibly hiring someone. Anyone?


LiLi said...

Val, I really like the fall leaves and the scooped out pumpkins as center pieces!!! An evening wedding, with lots of candle light, to go with the orange and red! Candy Corn sprinkled on the buffet table (should she go with a buffet) Hot Apple Cider along with other drinks, offered during the cocktail hour. That's all my brain will allow currently... I'm having a major baby brain right now, I even forgot to put my t-shirt under my fleece this morning when I went to the doctor! DUH, what a dork! LOL
I love the new look, and where is your wedding ring???

it's me, Val said...

Thanks, Li!

And that is my right hand. It's a mirror, silly. You can't see my left hand, but my wedding ring is on it! :)

Artsy Momma said...

Oh I wish I could work for you.... That would be the best job ever!

it's me, Val said...

It would be awesome to have you because you would probably be able to help me with some new creative and fun ideas since you are so darn creative yourself! :) Thanks, Stef!

Alexis Jacobs said...

Loving the new header! Very cool. Good luck at getting your work done tonight.

Stacey said...

Val, I love the header especially knowing what that represents. Perfect! And girl, like everyone else, if you were in my city, I'd sooo be in line to work for you. No two ways about it. xo

Erin said...


I'll just post my thoughts here in this one it's easier than going to each post...and so lazy, I know.

- First off, I love the pictures you've posted. I think they are super cute, very romantic (love the first one, especially and the last one of the tent). I think Heather is in very, very good hands with you being her maid of honor. You are very creative and have a great eye for detail. Together you guys are going to pull of something amazing.

- I'm so glad you have Alexis to walk with you as you bless grieving families. God places just the right people in our lives to hold our hands through things.

- That jewelry is SOOO you!! I could totally picture you wearing it.

- It is so cool that you have been able to photograph 2 dream weddings. And now a 3rd. What a blessing. That church is incredible and the hotel ballroom is absolutely exquisite!!! I would love to just walk through it and bask in it's loveliness and you get to capture it's timelessness. Lucky you!!

Whew. That was a lot of posting today, my dear. Hope the rest of your day was productive and you accomplished all you set out to do.

P.s. If I lived closer, I would totally work with you. We'd have to work separately, though, cause we'd get nothing done : )

it's me, Val said...

I am giggling at your last comment, Erin, because how true that is -- we wouldn't get anything done. We proved that HOW many nights in a row?!? :):) xo

Michelle said...

Love the new look. Although Ella may be a bit sad. She thought that the "princesses" on the old header were just great!! ;)

You have so many great ideas for Heather's wedding already! I know it will be so gorgeous! The pumpkins with candels are great! What about out at Allerton park?! I know it's not in D-town, but pretty darn close. Just an idea...I also love a deep purple color to go along with the reds and oranges! That's me though.

Okay, I have to head over to check out the new pictures on the photo blog. Can't wait!!

Hope you are getting lots of work done!! ;)

Michelle said...
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oh amanda said...

I love the new header. So fun. And artsy at the same time! SO YOU.

SuperMom said...

I really like your new header!