My catalog obsession

One thing about us "art people" is that we love magazines and catalogs and we hoard them. I don't even necessarily look at them. I just love to have them for when I might need to look at them. I get so many, not because I buy from them (because I only wish to buy from most of them) but because if they are home & gardening catalogs, I usually love the decor and ideas inside. With all the others, it's what's inside I find inspirational or I am drawn to their layout and/or graphics for one reason or another. Usually the main reason why I get clothing catalogs (and keep them) is because of the photography which are great inspirations to me for my own portraits. I mean, almost always they are shot by top photographers in America or Europe.

I know this "problem" I have acquired is a sickness/symptom of all us "art people". I remember professors talking about it in my art classes, about how this is one of the many things that us "art people" have in common. We love ads, we love catalogs, we love magazines and we love junk mail. My professors themselves came in on occassion with some of their favorite inspirations --- shopping bags (yes, this is another one of my "symptoms",) brochures or catalogs, and it was fun (and reassuring) to know I wasn't completely off my rocker for having such a passion for something so odd. And, ok, fine, I do buy from *some* of them but only a small handful compared to the amount I actually receive *wink*.

So . . . here they are, in their glory, for you to do whatever you want with. I'm being so very kind, you know? I don't usually like to share where I get my inspiration for clothing, decor, art, design and photography from -- so call yourselves lucky! (I'm still considering not to publish this post, hehe.)

(These are in no particular order, just the order they are in as I take them off of my bookshelf.)

mini boden
pottery barn
ballard design
paper source
pottery barn kids
growing up garnet hill
home decorators collection
rosie hippos
chasing fireflies
urban outfitters
frontgate outdoor
olive juice
the land of nod
crate and barrel
magic cabin
back to basic toys
hearth song
lighting universe
one step ahead
leaps and bounds
restoration hardware
restoration hardware home
room service home
grand in rod
napa style
free people
uncommon goods
hanna anderson
plow and hearth
mac mall
f.a.o. schwarz
femail creations
harry and david
dean and deluca
light impressions
red envelope
linen source
design within reach
the company store
company kids
unicef store
flora and henri
papa d'anjo

There still are others, like photography catalogs which you'd probably find boring if I listed, and lots of children's toy catalogs which I don't like so much for their design aspect as I do for ideas for my children for gifts :c)

Someone asked what all the catalogs were that I got on Friday, so there it is, and more :c)

Tell me what ones you like to get and why? And if I am not receiving any that you think I should, then SPILL IT!


Artsy Momma said...

ah man!!! Now I am going to have more mail!!!! I better not tell my husband about this post he may take away the computer!!!

Erin said...

That 'someone' thanks you : )

I LOVE getting mail. Catalogs, magazines, fliers...I look at all the advertisements just as much as I look at the articles in magazines. There is so much inspiration everywhere. Yes, we are the same!

LiLi said...

Thanks, Val! OMG can't afford the stuff in Papo D'Anjo, but if I could, my kids would be sporting those duds!

You need Posh Tots and Posh Living!

Cerella said...

Ummm, I think it's time for an intervention. :)

melody is slurping life said...

Love your list and links. Thanks.

Haven't been by in a while and wanted to check on you and say "hi".

MP said...

OMG!! You are worse than my mother..although your catalogs are cooler.
I get some..but don't read them.

it's me, Val said...

Cerella, I know! Not good, eh!?

Alexis Jacobs said...

You may actually be surprised to know I get many of these!!

Jamie said...

Val, Great post!!

oh amanda said...

Oh, Val! I'm the same and not even artsy! I just started getting boden and OMG how cute are they?! I love Land of Nod's covers more than anything. And Red Envelope is always a fave. Yummy, I've got lots of links to click!