A proud mommy (me) who prepares for a big feast (here)

I took the kids to the dentist yesterday for a "Happy Visit". Noah had never been before (bad, mommy), but since our next door neighbor is a dentist, I figured we might as well begin now, especially while we'll be getting all our visits free. (Hehe. . . no pressure or anything, Doug!)

I didn't expect Noah would want to sit in the chair, but after about 30 minutes he did, and I didn't even have to force him. He chose to and he was so very proud of himself. I wanted to cry because *I* was sooo proud. He opened his mouth wide and let them count his teeth. Amazing for my shy little boy. I held back the proud tears, though, because I know I would have looked like such a wuss. Doug probaly would have never let me live that down, either.

Maia wanted nothing to do with it. Which surprised me because she's usually more the go-getter. At least she saw Noah get up there and have his teeth counted and knows now what happens. She also knows now that with each visit she'll get a cool toothbrush with sparklies or Piglet on it and a fun little toy. Always good to have a reward (incentive, bribe, whatever) awaiting.

I told Noah if he was a good boy for me yesterday that I'd give him a treat later in the day. I have to say, I have never seen such a perfect little prince in my life. He was perfection! Which of course rubs off on sis if she sees him behaving that way. She was really good as well. Ahhhhh. I love days like that.

We went to the grocery store and bought all that we need for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Spent probably 1-1/2 hours in there. As a treat Noah got a new Matchbox car and Mc Donald's. I'm still so very very proud of him and I told him that over and over. We also had his parent-teacher conference on Monday night (yes, already I know, he just turned 4) and he got great reviews. So this mommy has been quite an emotionally-proud mommy the past few days. What a great feeling.

So, Thanksgiving. Yeah, I'm having it. Originally I wasn't going to. We were going to go to mom's on Sunday and not do anything on Thanksgiving Day itself. But, now we're making a trip to Southern IL to do engagement photos of my cousin and his fiance. He's a firefighter, so his time off is very limited. We're going down on Saturday for that. So, with that last minute change, we also changed Thanksgiving dinner to tomorrow. And I (gulp), volunteered. What's wrong with me?

We have 20 people coming, maybe more. But for sure it's our next door neighbors (they have 4 kids under the age of 5), some other friends here in town who have 4 girls, my friend's parents, my parents, and Neil's mom may come, too. (The rest of my family will be in Oklahoma with Brad, Chel and Ella.)

Knowing that Doug (our neighbor) was going to a Thanksgiving feast at his neighbor's (me), the dental hygenists said to me yesterday "so you're the one having Thanksgiving?!" asking it in a you-must-be-crazy way. But, I've grown up only having large gatherings. Growing up we'd go to my grandparents and we'd have at least 20 people. Both my grandmothers did it, so I'm hoping I can, too. I just don't do turkey. Mom's doing that.

Here's what we're having:

smoked turkey
homemade Stuffing (I cut the bread this morning!)
smashed potatoes
green bean casserole
sweet potato soufle (family recipe)
mac-n-cheese for the kiddos
homemade sweet cranberry salad
cranberry sauce
rice crispie squares
tons of cookies
2 pumpkin pies (homemade)
1 pecan pie (homemade)
and don't forget the wine!

It won't be formal or anything. We're not using china, but Chinet, and drinking out of plastic cups. Fancy, eh!? I think it will go well. I'm crossing my fingers, anyway. I'm not as worried about the food as I am worried about the chaos with the children. They're all very good kids. But I still hope I will survive the day. Wish me luck! Hope you all survive as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Erin said...

Girlie, are you making ALL that food yourself? Or is someone bringing some of it? I wish I was there to help you make and eat it : ) Too bad our Thanksgiving was 6 weeks ago already. And luckily we only have to wait like 5 more for Christmas!

Katie said...

Sounds like you'll have a wonderful gathering--just like the big family parties I remember, with loads of kids everywhere. (Remember a certain pig roast?) Have a terrific time! Happy Thanksgiving!

jen said...

What a very very good boy Noah is :)

enjoy your thanks giving

please note I have a new blog

Karen said...

So glad that the dentist visit was so positive! Could save you years of trouble getting them to sit in that chair.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jae said...

Holy cow Val! 20 people over? And here I am stressing over just my Ma and my neighbor (his wife and kids are gone due to an ill family member). You GO girl!!

Tiff said...

Good luck today with all thos people. I'm doing the same thing. . only with ten people

Alexis Jacobs said...

WTG Noah! What a big boy! Hope your meal went well. Sounds like a fun time was planned.