Ketchup chip fans, unite!

Even though I love Erin very much, I also really really really don't like her. She forced me into an addiction called "I-Love-Ketchup-Chips-And-Can't-Stop-Eating-Them". Right now my tongue is feeling raw from eating an entire bag of those so very vinegary red chips that are impossible to put down. *grrrrr* Can you tell that I am just kinda mad at myself right now because I really did eat an entire bag and now I feel a tiny bit guilty because of it? But not guilty enought to say "Erin, will you send me more . . . please?! I am sorry I said that I don't like you. I really didn't meant it. You know I love you and that you are like the most influential person on me in the entire world, right?!"

You know what drives me nuts about such a perfect invention of chips?! It's nearly impossible to find them here in the States. I just don't get that either. How could you not offer something that is THAT good? Believe me, it's not just me that likes them. I (very givingly) opened up a bag at my Halloween party and shared. I didn't have one person that said they didn't like them. I really think we need to start a petition. Really.

Look what I found online . . . see, I'm so not alone in this!

posted at google answers:

What?!? You don't have any ketchup chips in the USA???

I truly do feel sorry for you... I had no idea that Ketchup Chips were
Canadian and that I have been taking them for granted all my life! I
was amazed at the number of people looking for how to get their hands
on a bag or two of ketchup chips online! It also appears that they are
more of a “Western Canadian” thing than Canadian. Here are the results
of my research:

"Q: I really need to get some ketchup chips, but I can't find any in
my area. How can I get some?

A: The best solution would be to move to Canada, where ketchup chips
are readily available just about everywhere. (Most current residents
of Canada moved there in order to have easier access to ketchup
chips.) The next best thing would be to take a vacation there. If you
can't do that, get some regular potato chips and dip them in ketchup."
Source: http://www.taquitos.net/snacks.php?page_code=6

Unfortunately, I cannot move to Canada!


Alexis Jacobs said...

I have seen Ketchup chips in several places down here. Maybe if you are really nice I will bring some when I come in TWO WEEKS :)

Erin said...

Ah, but are they Old Dutch? There is no comparison to the real Canadian ketchup chip!! And Val, I know you were only speaking out of our mutual love for them...I won't take the "I don't like you" comment at all personally because if we were in reversed situations, I'd feel exactly the same way : ) And remember, I'm sending you some at Christmas. How many bags would you like? Maybe we should arrange regular shipments. I think that could work. But I still like the idea of you moving to Canada better. I know a nice little town that you would fit into quite well. There's even an empty lot across the street from a really nice girl that I'm sure you could build a house on ; )

it's me, Val said...

You see, you're right. There is such a huge difference! I love love love it that my sis, Chel, sent me ketchup chips, too, that she found in Oklahoma! But alas, they are not the same. not at all. :( That's why I relished in every last bite of this bag that I ate today. :c)

Anonymous said...

Occasionally I find them in the US... they're actually big in London too. Canadian ones are the best though... love them. Canadian pickle chips are awesome too...

LiLi said...

We have them in the SOUTH, I promise! I bet I'll see some on Friday, and if I remember, I'll pick them up! Not for me... but for YOU! :)

LiLi said...

AND, YES, Erin, they are OLD DUTCH! Old Dutch also makes the VERY BEST Dill Pickle Chips... I buy them for Matt whenever I see them!

oh amanda said...

*shudder* I'm sorry, Val, but I don't think you're going to get many ketchup lovers to unite! ;)

lil ole' me..... said...

You and your love for ketchup! Makes me laugh!!!
I've never heard of such chips!!!

Jo said...

You crack me up!

Michelle said...

You are too funny! Good thing you have found such a loyal hook-up in Erin! ;)

Louise said...

Ah too funny!! you just made me hungry for ketchup chips and I think I might have to run to the store to get some...and I CAN!! nanana boobo!!LOL too funny! I'll think of you when I eat them...ROFL!!!!

Just kidding, I really hope that they come to the States for you soon!! if not there will just have to be a steady stream coming from friends up north!!