Canvas won by my contest winner, Amy!

A while back, when I was indecisive on a new tag line for my business and new website, I ran a contest at my personal blog in order to find the perfect tag line for me and my biz! I had an overwhelming amount of entries and out of those chose around 20 of my favorites (I'm tellin' ya, I am an incredibly indecisive person!). I then had a poll for best tag line based on those 20 favorites, and the tag line with the most votes would win. The tag line that won was "Capturing Moments, Inspiring Memories" which was very cleverly thought up by my friend, Amy, in Phoenix. As a thank you and as a prize for winning, I had a canvas print made up for her and she just received it on Friday. She sent me a picture and here it is!!

Doesn't it look so great?! I LOVE IT!

Again, I want to thank her so so so much for all her brainstorming for me. I know she put a lot of her shower thinking time (you know, that one time in the day where you are alone without kids or any bothers?!) in just for me and I appreciate it millions! Thanks dearest, Amy!! (Hope Randy had fun back home here in Illinois . . we missed seeing him . . hopefully again soon, though!)

*** note to file *** I did not take this photograph, so don't give me credit! (But thanks to those who have!) Amy took it herself. She also lives STATES away (I forget how many hours) in Arizona, so she just emailed me this picture and I just ordered it for her on canvas. Too cool, eh?!


MP said...

That is such a sweet photo..what a princess and her knight in shining armor

Tiff said...

what a sweet photo!!! You do such great work!!