Stop and smell the roses.

I'm happy to say that I got the photos done last night for 2 wedding albums. That is about 150 pictures that have to be individually prepped. Yay, I'm happy. Now 2 more wedding albums to go and about 15 orders.

Here's some pics from album #1 . . .

I was suppose to be attending my sil's brother's wedding this Saturday. I made the decision not to yesterday. I feel good about that. While I am sad that I'll be missing the chance to see Missy and Andy tie the knot, my sis stand up with them with her big beautiful belly, and my niece stand up there with her blond curls and adorable dress, I'm happy because I will have an entire day to get things done. There's always pictures. Thank goodness for pictures. As much as I want to be there for them, I have to do something for myself in order to stay sane and make my customers happy.

So, I'm doing nothing today but catching up on blogs (hopefully) and email. Feeling not so chipper has forced me to sit down and really appreciate the little things. When I really stop and smell the roses, I notice that I have so many very special things around me and so many things to be happy and thankful for.

my kids giggling in the bathtub together
dark chocolate m&m's
colorful and crafty blogs
friends who leave nice and encouraging comments here
my phone when it doesn't ring
orders that are done
not having to leave the house all day for anything
the sounds of rustling leaves outside
my cats sunbathing in a streak of sunlight
my husband calling me to tell me he made it to New Jersey safely
friends who ask if they can do anything for you (even when they have 4 kids and one that's sick)
friends who come over and help you with your work without expecting anything in return
warm cozy college sweatshirts
the smell of banana bread cooking
kids napping
peanut butter ice cream
4 cups of hot coffee
photographs of my beautiful children all over the house
a son who asks his sister if she would go with him to the bathroom so he can go poopy . . . now that really made me giggle when I heard that just now

fixing my kids corndogs for lunch and remembering how my grandpa use to love buying me corndogs at the state fair
the smell of clean hair
the colors of my walls which I love
my bed that's not made, knowing that I really don't have to make it all today because Neil will not be home tonight :c)
knowing that my favorite shows will be on TV tonight and that I actually will have the chance to sit down and enjoy them because I can't work

There, my list of little things for Thursday. I'm thinking I might start a Thursday's Thoughts again and use it as a chance to either share quotes or share my "little things", which I know we all can stand to be reminded of every-so-often.


jen said...

beautiful photos

so many special things

having a good and productive weekend

Katie said...

Love your list! It sounds to me like the 14,000 things... book you gave me years and years ago. Way to see the joy in the day. Rachel and I just got back pink-cheeked from a windy trip to the park next to Lake Mich. So much to love in life!

it's me, Val said...

Katie, I feel like your my angel checking in on me :) Thank you. I'm glad you and Rachel had a good day. I love the thought of rosey red cheeks.

Erin said...

Hey, I HAVE the 14,000 things book and I started my own book of things that make me happy when I was in grade 11 or 12. I still have, in fact I saw it the other day when I was packing and thought that I should take it out and start using it again. Maybe I'll make it a blog post and then transfer it into my book.

Those wedding pics are lovely as per usual!

I'm so proud of you for deciding not to go to the wedding even though that was probably a very hard decision. You'll be so much happier because of it.

I love your list of things your happy and thankful for. It shows that your starting to get a better grasp on your day and that makes me happy. I hate that I can't offer to help you in any way. I would, you know.

Enjoy your evening!

Chel said...

Isn't Thursday tv the best?! My goal every Thursday is to get the kids in bed just a tad bit early so I can see/TiVo all the shows I want to see. :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

Great post. Sometimes we do need to take time to "smell the roses".

Even though I cannot be there in person to help you out, I hope you know you are never far from my mind.

mama2dibs said...

Way to take a break girlfriend!

oh amanda said...

Dark chocolate M&Ms and not making the bed...my 2 faves!