7 Weird Things Meme

My bloggy friend, MP, picked me to do a fun little meme called "7 weird things about me". I'm all for this one because I really do think I'm a bit odd and also because I think people are attracted to me for this uncommonness :c) (Has to be the answer with my husband!)

I got my inspiration for these 7 weird things by looking at what pictures I had recently taken on my camera. So they may be really weird, they may not be weird at all. But these pictures are the weirdest I had that would help me tell something about myself (not that photos are part of this meme's requirement, but I'm using photos to make it more interesting).

So here it is, My 7 Weird Things About Me Meme.

I might be weird because for New Year's Eve we weren't going to do anything in celebration but lounge around at home, but hubby said, "why don't we go out for dinner?", so we all piled into the car and drove to a Mexican restaurant. That's how we spent our New Year's Eve, eating chips and salsa, and it was a blast.
Okay, so you all know about how my friend, Erin, has introduced me to the greatest thing Canada ever made, ketchup chips, right?! Well, she knows how much I love them and so she sent me even MORE for Christmas this year. I know my love of ketchup chips is really weird, but I also think taking pictures of my ketchup chips is probably even weirder. And thank you, Erin!!!

I think I may be weird because I have always let my son play around with my point-n-shoot camera, absolutely risking it's lifespan. But I'd rather chance it than missing the opportunity for him to experiment and shoot pictures from his viewpoint. He's been doing this since he was 2. Here's one he just recently shot of himself.

I think I might be weird because even though I am deathly scared of heights, I leaned out to take this picture at the top of the John Hancock building because I knew it was a good shot! I'll risk just about anything for a good picture!

Other people probably find it weird when they are sitting next to me at Starbucks and I pull out my camera to take pictures of things and myself -- like these!

Last week my mom brought me over my school letter jacket because she doesn't want it anymore. I was going to cut my letter off of it and then pitch the jacket, but something held me back. Probably the attachment I have to things. But it's in perfect condition and, well, it was my letter jacket! But what will I ever do with it?! Yep, I'm really weird because I cannot for the life of me part with such an ugly thing. I have the I-Can't-Part-With-Anything syndrome. But at least I know I have this syndrome and don't deny it!
And finally, I am probably really weird because it really really bothers me that both my husband and my son can curl their tongues but I cannot. They tend to rub it in all the time, just like what they're doing here. Yeah, little stupid piddly things such as this, really bother me. :c)
And this is TOTALLY off-topic, but while writing this, guess what was delivered?!? A man just showed up on my doorstep with Neil's luggage!!! Alexis was right -- they DID have it and they DID deliver it to me themselves! I can't wait to see what he has for the kids, but I'll let him dive into that. Neil will be so so happy!

Ok, so now I tag Alexis, Michelle, Erin, Amy, Missy, and Jen @ One Mom's World.


The Trier and Jen said...

wow when did I tag you for this???
I cant remember

Pleased Neils bags turned up

youre braver than me
I wouldnt have been able to lean out
no way no how

Theres something for you over at my blog
Jen at http://my3boysandi.wordpress.com/2008/01/29/blogs-that-made-my-day/

it's me, Val said...

Jen, haha, you are right and I am wrong - sorry! It was MP. But I probably thought of you because you're so sweet always tagging me for something :c)

The Trier and Jen said...

awww do make sure you come and get your award

Jamie said...

Val, I loved reading your weird things. You should wear your jacket if it fits and go for a fashion statement. I honestly thing we live in the days of anything goes with clothing. It would be totaly retro!!

Michelle said...

So, I don't think you're THAT weird!! ;)

I am just so happy that Neil's luggage arrived!! Woohoo!

lil ole' me..... said...

Should I rub it in that I can curl my tongue too? :)

SO glad you got the luggage back!!!
You'll have to take a picture of Chinese ketchup for us.

Jen @ One Moms World said...

Ok we are too alike hehe! My husband and oldest daughter can only curl their tongues and I can't.... and yes I am always taking pictures of the most random things when we are out to eat....and last year for New Years we went and ate mexican as a family. TOO FUNNY!

Thanks for the tag. I'm going to go do this now :).

Anonymous said...

I can curl my tongue too! Glad Neils luggage arrived, i had a feeling it would.

MP said...

A couple weeks ago I was taking pictures of my iced tea when we were at California Pizza kitchen..you mean that is wierd?