"Are we going to eat there in China?"

I reminded Noah a few minutes ago that daddy leaves for China tomorrow. This is how our conversation then went.

Noah: Are we going to eat there in China?
Mommy: We aren't going there, Noah, daddy is.
Noah: Why aren't we going to eat there, mommy?
Mommy: We aren't going there, daddy is going by himself.
Noah: Is he going to work and going to stay there at work?
Mommy: No, well, kinda. He's going to get on a plane and fly there.
Noah: An airplane is coming to his work and going to fly there?
Mommy: That's right, Noah. So it's going to just be you, me and Maia for 9 days. Will you help me take care of Maia.
Noah: Uh-huh. {Then after a long pause.} We have to go to the airport and go with him next time.
Mommy: Yeah, maybe we can go with him next time.

And then he went back to coloring.

I do think he understands he'll be gone again. I think it's going to be hardest for this person here ----- me.

I still have lots of days "open" but I have came up with some things to do. Here's my list.

* Saturday - I have 3 shoots. Twins and their brother, then a portrait session of a man with his guitar, and then a session of a 9-month old boy. O'ma is coming over to watch the kids as I work most of the day. (Thank you, O'ma.)
*Sunday - going to church with my mom and dad, then going to her house to help her with computer issues. Kids will be occupied by grandpa, hopefully!
* at some point I am going to go get new glasses and hopefully without children!
* Monday - paint our family room, play room and my office. I just bought the paint last night. What colors you ask? Secret! I'm not telling!
* Tuesday night - we are going to Heather's so Noah and Cole can play and *I* am going to relax if at all possible. Maybe order pizza.
* Wednesday morning - Heather is going to come over and we're going shopping while Noah is at school. Afterwards we're going to hang out and talk her wedding.
* Thursday night - Noah's friend, Kristin's 5th birthday. We're going to her house so the kids can play and we're eating dinner with them.
* Friday - no plans; if I can make it work, I might find someone to watch my kids while I go with Heather to talk to her florist. (I really want to go!)
*I am sure I won't get all done painting Monday, so at some point I will have to finish. That's my goal, anyway.
* Saturday late morning - Neil gets home!!! I am doing a maternity shoot when he gets home.

So things are pretty filled which is good. Good for the kids and good for my sanity.

As I wrote in the comment section of the previous China post, Neil just found out that ADM has scheduled him a private scenic tour of Shanghai, which is awesome. He also has a road journey part way along the Great Wall. That's the only thing I had asked him to do for me - get a picture of that amazing piece of architectural history. I'm excited for him to see it. Hopefully this will make his journey more exiting for him as the last few days he's told me he's been really anxious, and that's very unlike my husband.

Missy, unfortunately, Neil said that where he will be is at least 800 miles south of Beijing so there probably won't be any English signs or much of anything (if at all) in regards to the Olympics. Which stinks because after you told me that, I was really hopeful!

I do, however, think this is an incredible opportunity for him, but it's hard to be 100% excited for him when you have a family. He's traveling by himself which I think accounts for his own anxiety. Well, that and leaving the kids. Maia is more attached to him now than ever. That's got to be hard leaving your baby girl.

Anyway, we'll see. Hopefully this will be the most exciting travel he's done yet. I am quite excited that he'll get to add this one to his passport. It's something I know I'll never experience!

Thanks again for all the tremendous support. It's just nice to know you have friends who care and who are praying for the good of us all. I know this is not the hardest thing we'll ever face in life, but it's definitely not easy. Like Christy stated, he's my other half. He really does probably half of the work just here at home. But he's also my best friend and so thinking about saying goodbye to him for 9 days makes me begin to cry. I'm so blessed that I found the best husband in the world. I pray that God keeps him safe and brings him back to me. {{xo to my friends}}


Artsy Momma said...

You guys are in my thoughts! Just stay as busy as you are and it will (hopefully) fly by! What a great oppurtunity I would love to go to China.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Noah is so cute. Maybe daddy will bring back some cool candy or cookies from China for him.

Just think of the air miles he is getting this trip. Maybe next time you can go with him :)

Michelle said...

Looks like you have done a great job of coming up with fun ways to pass the time while he is gone!

We'll be thinking and praying for all of you! xoxo

The Trier and Jen said...

praying for you all
you do sound like youll be busy which is good :)
hope it flys by


Jennifer said...

praying for ya all...:)

Chel said...

When my husband was working on his doctorate, he was gone a lot, leaving me with the kids (now Mike did stay in the States). And we always just decided it was going to be fun 'us' time and we threw the rules out. We'd eat silly stuff for dinner and watch movies and whatever. I'll be wishing ya'll fun for these 9 days.

MP said...

Looks like you have alot planned! I think I would be jealous of hubby going to China and want to jump in the suitcase..but we don't have children(he has a child)..so for 9 days.. Man I would be reading..eating cereal for dinner and watching chick flicks on the plasma tv..I'd maybe even have a chick party! LOL...can you tell we have never been apart more than a coupld days in 8 years :0)

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