Big airplanes, bright colors, and a big country

I talked to Neil this morning 3 times. He got to Chicago and checked in at O'Hare in about 2-1/2 hours, so he had a whole 4 hours to kill! I think he was pretty bored, but being he's flying business class, he was able to sit in the Red Carpet Lounge, so he got free coffee and snacks. (Coffee and drinks is the least he should be getting with a $15,000 ticket! Not kidding on the price, either!) He then called when he had boarded the plane. He was on the top deck in the plane. I didn't even know they had such a thing in airplanes. Apparently in 757's they do! It is a straight flight from Chicago to Shanghai. He is suppose to text me on my phone when he touches ground in China around 1 a.m. our time. Hopefully once I hear from him I'll be able to sleep.

He really surprises me sometimes. In the mail today I got a card and I know it is from him. No return address, but it's his hand-writing. I haven't opened it yet because I know it will probably make me bawl. When he writes things, it's always short and sweet, but what he says in just a few words speaks volumes to me. I think I'll wait till after I put the kids to bed before I open it just in case my tear ducts explode :c)

Nothing big going on around here and I really don't have anything worthwhile to talk about which is why my topic of post is Neil's travels again. He pretty much has the most exciting life in our household! But I am kinda looking forward to this long weekend as I bought my paint for the downstairs and I cannot wait to start painting. Painting my house another bold color makes me feel like my life is semi-exciting for the moment!

This makes me giggle. I got an email from my interior designer friend named ERIN (hehe) who couldn't stand that I hadn't told publicly what colors I chose. She is so funny. I love painting and it's such relaxation for me. My neighbor volunteered to take my kids while Leann and I paint our hearts out, so Monday should be a productive day, unlike how I feel my days normally are. And hopefully very soon after Monday, I will post the colors. I can't wait to hear what you all think!

And in regards to decorating the downstairs, I got a fabulous new set of shelves for the over the weekend at IKEA which I love love love and am dying to show you, but I want to wait till the paint is on the walls and it's all how I want it. Finally finally finally my house is starting to feel like "home". Neil will be pleasantly surprised when he gets home if I get everything painted the way I have it envisioned.

8 more hours and Neil will touch down in the big ol' country of China!

Check out this map and you can see where exactly my hubby will be journeying to.

He will be flying into Shanghai, the purple and white star. He'll be there for Sat, Sun and Mon. He then drives to Huaian, the orange & purple star, and then to Nanjing, the blue & purple star, on Tuesday. On Wednesday he flies to Guangzhou, the yellow & purple star, and on Thursday he drives to Jiagmen, the pink & purple star. Finally, on Friday, he takes a ferry to Hong Kong, the green & purple star, where he will then fly to L.A. and then on to Chicago on Saturday.

Because I'm goofy like this, in lieu of Neil and his next 9 days in China, I found some Chinese proverbs I like. Here's one:

I see, I forget. I hear, I remember. I do, I understand.

Hope you all have a nice weekend. Thank you for all the support with my husband's travel and my discouragement as a mom while he's away. You all are the best blogging friends ever.


The Trier and Jen said...

oh hes so sweet sending you a card already

good quote and its so true


Jamie said...

Val good luck on the painting. Can't wait to see/ hear the color. I am sure the 9 day's will fly by. With kids how could it not right? Big ((hugs))

Alexis Jacobs said...

Time will just fly by. Sounds like Neil will have an amazing experience!

MP said...

Nice touch with the card..very sweet..

Wow..$15,000. Unreal! That is a plane ride though that sounds awesome!..long but awesome!

Lindsay said...

What a great adventure - for both of you! Wishing you a week that flies by quickly... And waiting for pictures :)