Busy is as busy does.

It's been really nice having kept so busy the past few days. Saturday I had two shoots. One got canceled because of a sick baby. The other two went fabulously. I cannot wait to show pics from them, but first I need to get my wedding done from January and another wedding album completed. I'm never this busy in January, but I feel very blessed for being so.

Sunday we went to church with my parents at their church, went out for lunch and then hung out with them at their house all afternoon. The kids had a blast playing with grandpa. It was time to go when Maia started having one of her notorious (as of late) tantrums. Ugh. I never experienced tantrums with Noah. So these have been a wake up call. Not pleasant in the least. (Question --- for how long should I expect for these to keep going on? Actually, wait. I'm not sure I want to know.)

Yesterday I took my kids to Nikki's house and then went back to my house and painted with Leann. We only got the family room of the downstairs painted, but I love it. It's very calming and cheerful. Wait till you see the color! I haven't decided whether to tackle anymore myself yet. I may since the brushes, rollers and paint are all already out. Might as well, I guess?

Then later yesterday, Leann's 2nd youngest daughter, Alyssa, gave my dog a bath and I paid her $5. She was thrilled and so was I!!! She did it in my kids' bathroom and in just her undies. I got a picture of it. So so so very cute. (And now I also have a clean shiny dog!)

Then later in the evening I left my kids here at the house with Leann's 2nd oldest, Marissa, so I could go with Leann to see a new house that's going up across the street from her by "our" builder. He was there, so we talked. I think he's ready to do our house anytime, which thrills me, but at the same time it saddens me because we aren't ready. I told him it may be a couple years now, but he understood.

This house we saw was fabulous - great colors everywhere and I loved the cabinet colors ( dark cherry), had 9 ft ceilings, lots of crown molding, dark (wide) cherry wood floors (my fave!) and a staircase that they were staining by hand when I was there. (The spindles were a brushed copper . . . absolutely beautiful!). Such a beautiful home. Makes me want to build. Maybe in a couple years. Maybe this trip to China will get Neil the promotion so that we can? Ha. Positive thinking, though, never hurt!

Speaking of the trip. Oh my goodness. I am going to make that another post. Interesting. Very very interesting.

So, that's been my last few days. Neil will be home in about 4 days! I can't believe the 9 days is halfway over. He is soooo ready to come home and I'm so ready for him to be home. But things have been good here. We're surviving! So that's good news.


Michelle said...

Pictures of the family room please?? Come on! ;)

The Trier and Jen said...

Sunday sounds good except for the very ending

sounds like the rest of week sounds good too
Im pleased