Random-ness in the New Year

I'm not full of anything interesting and blog-worthy at all these days. I feel like my brain is just dead. I am also so so so so tired. I think it's the weather and the time of year and the fact that my daughter is not sleeping well these days and I am woken up 4 times a night (that may be a big part of it) so it feels like I have a newborn suddenly again. Ugh. It's so not fun. At all. So a combination of all of the above has me feeling so . . . at a loss. So here's the random things that are in my head right now and random-ity going on in my life. Not very blog-worthy, but at least it gives me something to post.

* 6-ish years ago I did yoga just about every day. At that time in my life I was in the best shape I think I had ever been in since high school weight training (I also hadn't ate meat in over 6 years so that, too, helped me out a bit, I think). The good news is, I'm back in yoga and it's nice. Really nice. I love yoga and how it makes me feel. Always have. And it's something that doesn't take much coordination like aerobics (which I don't have), but balance and a little endurance (which I do have). Neil has even been doing it with me some and the kids attempt to. It's so cute! (Maia is actually really good at it!)

* I have my first wedding of the year on Saturday. It's a big one, too. 8 attendants on each side and over 400 guests. Thankfully we're doing all the pictures beforehand, which will help A LOT and makes me feel a tiny bit less overwhelmed. The neatest thing about this wedding is that it's completely black and white. Their invitation even requested that all the guests wear either black or white (<-------yeah, that says white). It will look awesome in pictures. I really look forward to the event. Snow on top of that would be amazing, but I'm afraid it's going to be too warm for snow. Shoot.

* Neil isn't a big traveler like he use to be, but when he does travel, it's far-away places. This time, in 2 weeks, he's off for China. Yep, China. He just got his VISA back so it's pretty official. I'm not sure how long he'll be gone yet, but it will be at least a week. I'm just not use to these long travels anymore. He's had every shot in the book now to prepare for it. I think he's ready, but I'm not. I get really anxious and nervous thinking about it. Thankfully I have friends here who have already volunteered to have me live with them for a week, and even if I don't, I know they'll be stopping by every day. I just don't do well without Neil here. He's more than just the one who brings home the bacon. He is the greatest daddy in the world and is a pretty amazing Susie Homemaker. (I really am blessed and when he is gone it reminds me how blessed I am and how amazing he is.)

* I bought some new photography books last week and last night I almost finished one of them. I haven't read anything other than maybe a recipe or a Christmas newsletter (?!) in probably 6 months or more. To finally have the time to do so after about 6 months of non-stop running and working, is just so very nice and so rewarding. Hard work does pay off and there really is light (and a break) at the end of the tunnel :c)

* My cousin who will soon be 40 just announced that he is going to be a daddy again later this fall! He will be my oldest cousin with the youngest baby! I think it's kinda neat!! Congrats Clint and Stacy!! We're so happy for you!

* I bought Annie, the musical, and watched it today with my kids. Maia was mesmerized and it reminded me how mesmerized I get watching it. I love love love that movie. Probably (in my opinion) one of the best movies ever, ranking up there with The Sound of Music, The Parent Trap and The King and I. I'm such a sucker for musicals, Disney movies, Classics or all of the above. Okay, fine, a.k.a. corny movies. I love corny movies. But they sort of bring me up into the clouds into a fantasy world and I love that feeling. And there's something about catchy songs like "It's a Hard Knock Life" or "My Favorite Things" that just really make you happy (even if they aren't the happiest of songs like the Hard Knock Life). My husband thinks I am the queen of dorks with the love I have for these movies and I don't deny that! :c)

Speaking of "happy" . . . Happy New Year! Hope it's a really really great year for all of us.


The Trier and Jen said...

IM praying you and your prioncess get a full nights sleep it really helps

I thought I had it bad waking a couple of times a night seems it could be worse

Im sori it is for you

Does she have an afternoon nap is it possible for you to lie down then too?

I use to yoga when I was a girl

Enjoy Saturday

Safe travels to Neil
Hope it flys by for you

Happy New Year to you and yours too my friend
Hope its a good oen for you all


lil ole' me..... said...

I'm sorry to hear that Maia isn't sleeping through the night... hopefully it is a very quick phase.

I miss yoga. I haven't been doing it since I found out I was pregnant. I know they have prenatal classes, but haven't found one for my schedule. After baby though, I will be toting my yoga mat again!

And, Neil is off to China, huh? I don't envy that plane ride. I'm sure y'all will miss him. But, maybe you will get some Chinese ketchup out of the trip! :)

it's me, Val said...

Corie, Chinese ketchup?! Ha! That would be funny, though!

I had a prenatal yoga DVD which I let my friend, Jen in MS, borrow . . . maybe if she reads this, she'll send it to you and it can be passed around and well-used :) That would be cool because I'll never use it again!

Deborah said...

hope you get some good nighttime sleep soon!

And, I just couldn't resist mentioning that Annie was filmed at the University where I work. As I type this, I'm looking out at Daddy Warbucks' mansion :D I love that movie, too.

it's me, Val said...

Oh my gosh, that is so awesome! How neat!!! Take a picture . . . I'd love to see it "today" in all it's real charm! :)

Johanna said...

Good things ahead this year for all of us... i just know it! ;)

PS- I also am a sucker for musicals. I can't even tell you.

Love ya chica!

LiLi said...

Happy New Year!!! :) I hear you on the Neil traveling bit! Matthew has spoiled me by not having to travel TOO much. And now, he's changed jobs at work and next month, he's leaving me, a 4 yr old, an 18 month old, and a 2 month old for a week, while he travels to Thailand. I'm SOOOOOOOO not excited about it! I'm dreading every second of it. I'll be thinking of you while Neil is gone, I hope it goes by quickly! ((hugs)) LOVE YOU GIRLIE!!!

Michelle said...

Good luck at the wedding today! All black and white--sounds like kind of a cool deal! Can't wait to see your fab pics!

Sorry the VISA came in. I know how NOT fun it is to have Daddy gone!! You will all be in our thoughts and prayers for sure!

And, yay for getting back into yoga! :)

Happy New Year, my darling!

oh amanda said...

Val! Here are my comments to your posts...otherwise known as THE TOP SIX REASONS AMANDA & VAL ARE FRIENDS:

1. LOVE YOGA. I can't do aerobics, step or any of that stuff to save my life!

2. I love the idea of the guests wearing certain colors. My bro got married in December and asked that everyone wear red/green. The pics were amazing!

3. I can't come over, but I'll be here if you need me! (And China?! WOW. Could he bring me back a panda?)

4. So glad you're getting some rest!

5. My bff is Staci and her brother is Clint!

6. I {heart} musicals! Annie! Chicago! Sound of Music! Mary Poppins! Wizard of Oz! Love them all!