Gooooo Oklahoma!!!

So the Illini did not do so well last night. They tried and had lots and lots of chances to have done really well. But nonetheless, they didn't try hard enough and lost in the Rose Bowl.

But tonight we have the opportunity to root on our 2nd favorite team . . . Oklahoma Sooners who play West Virginia in the Fiesta Bowl. Maia and Noah's Uncle Brad has been in Arizona for a week now preparing for the big game. Even though we don't have any Oklahoma gear for the kids to wear as we watch the game (hint, hint, Uncle Brad!), we'll still be cheering on the team and looking for Uncle Brad on tv :c)

Boomer Sooner!!

(Have fun watching the game, Ella, as you cheer on your team and watch for daddy!)


MP said...

Uncle Brad a player or coach?
Of course even though I SHOULD have been rooting for Oklahoma I didn't..I was routing for WVA. I guess it was since Oklahoma beat Mizzou in the playoff's knocking us out of the BCS bowls..and we SHOULD have been in a big bowl..Oh well. I still like you though :-) LOL

Michelle said...

What another bummer game!! :( It was because E and I weren't there to cheer them on, right?!

We will have to do something about adding a little OU gear to the kids wardrobe!! ;)

lil ole' me..... said...

No, Illinois did not do too well.
Can't say I even know the outcome of the Oklahoma game.... :)

Kelly said...

So...I'm way behind on my reading. But being an Okie I feel obligated to respond, even if I'm 5 or so days late! So here it is...

Sorry 'bout your Sooners.

But really if you're going to root for an Okie team, the Cowboys are much more fun. Sure we don't win, often. But we win the important one's...like our bowl game New Years Eve!;)