“The principle part of faith is patience”

I know that saying is so so true. I know it. But, but but . . .

I have a new competitor. And it makes me nervous. Really nervous. And I can't stop thinking about it. Is that bad? Yeah, it's pretty bad. Bad that I'm so concerned and worried. I couldn't sleep the night I found out about her. We have similar styles. The thing she has up on me: she has a studio space. Downtown. In the prime location I wanted. I'm a teeny bit jealous. So I'm going to do something. I must do something. "What?", you ask? Not sure yet. This is how I feel, though. This is the last time I'm going to let the competition rise above me. I want a studio. I need a studio. I ACHE for a studio. I.Must.Have.A.Studio.

I was thinking yesterday on my 30-minute drive to my chiropractor that I don't care where my studio is. I would even take a barn. I think I could make a barn look really really awesome. I just need to find that barn. Or that rustic studio downtown with brick walls (my dream). Or a brand new place. I'd take that too. Really, I'm not asking for much. I just want to be outa my home. Seriously, I'd take a barn. Anyone know of a barn for sale? :c)

Okay, vent over. Maybe.


Deborah said...

this east coaster assumes that 'out west'--that's anything west of Philadelphia, of course ;) -- there are just loads of old barns waiting to be transformed into studios, galleries, coffee houses... is that not the case?

On a serious note, don't let the competition scare you - your work is gorgeous and can stand on its own. I can understand wanting your own space, though...my DH is a furnituremaker and his shop is in our basement. He's dying for space outside of the house, but that just isn't feasible for us at this point.

Good luck finding something that you love!

SuperMom said...

Studio or no studio, your work is gorgeous. Adding a studio won't make your photographs any more beautiful and your clients know that.

Besides, without the added costs of rent, heating and general maintenance on a studio, think of the savings you will be able to pass onto your customers that your new competitor won't. He or she will be stuck dealing with the pressures of rising heating costs while you'll be able to offer deals and spend more on advertising. You'll run her out of town in no time! ;)

Louise said...

Oh girl your work speaks LOUD AND CLEAR for itself, you do AMAZING work and are the envy of many of your admirers!! You have SUCH A gift don't ever forget it! THat gift speaks no matter if its hidden in a closest or a downtown studio.... it speaks!!!
Love you girl!

Jennifer said...

Yes, but does she have billboards coming out? Does she have that big nice magazine article that you had?

A studio seems so small when compared to those two things.

But, if you feel the need for a studio I hope you find something that will work for you.

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Val I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos

I pray that will still be kept busy

I pray that the Lord knows a studio will help you then He will provide

praying for you
lovely Val


Aimee said...

Val, I must tell you.....I rave about your pictures to everyone I know. I showed your website to my mom and we both just love your style. As soon as I come home from Chicago in a year, you are taking my family's pictures! My mom and I were out at Market Place mall a couple weeks ago and there was a booth set up by Melissa Waller with some of her picture's on display. My mom and I looked at them and as we were walking away, my mom said, "I still love Val's way more!" and I couldn't agree more with her! Val you are a wonderful photographer and you have nothing to worry about. People just love your work! Your studio will come some time....and it will probably be more awesome than MW's! Take Care!

it's me, Val said...

Oh girls. You are the sweetest, kindness, most encouraging and uplifting people ever. Thank you. Thank you for helping me see the big picture. Thank you for the amazing compliments. Thanks so much. You made me feel a sense of relief. And you helped me to see that me and my work speak louder than a studio itself. We'll see what comes about. But I'm definitely not going to rush into anything. That's when things don't work out right. If it happens, it happens.

xoxo to all 6 of you!

Erin said...

Val, honey, she's got nothing on you!! Nothing! You don't need a studio to be who you are. People know that. And besides I think competition make someone better...you strive harder. Not like you COULD get better : ) You da bomb girl! Love you!

lil ole' me..... said...

You know how incredibly talented we think you are! No wait, how incredibly talented we KNOW you are!
I know that you want a studio, but as a friend/client, I can tell you that I never would have considered not using your professional services because you didn't have a studio. I'm sure that all of your other clients would agree with this. Don't get me wrong, I know that it would be nice for you, but it doesn't deter from your amazing work in the least bit!!!!

If I was good with a hammer and nails, I would build you a barn! :)
Hang in there, I'm sure that the most perfect place will pop up at just the right time!

oh amanda said...

Oh, Val! I wish I had a barn for you!