Trail Mix - and tons and tons of Trix

Neil was gone this week traveling to Atlanta, and anytime he is gone, I really don't get much accomplished, hence why I haven't posted. I've also been spending a ton of time in the car driving back and forth to town where my chiropractor is. I'm not sure how much longer I can do that because I'm spending an extra $100 a month just on gas, not to mention the actual cost of my visits. I love my doc and I love seeing Beth 2-3 times a week, but but but . . . I don't know. It's just a ton of driving.

But I'm not posting to complain but to post some happy trail mix bits about my past week. It's definitely been a good week. Let's start with last weekend . . .

It was warm. Very warm. The nicest day we had seen so far this year. (Today it snowed!) We bought a new outdoor table to go with the outdoor chairs we had purchased last year, so we set all that out while Noah "raked" the yard, as you can see here,

and the little miss was on the lookout for bugs. She's so into bugs right now!

Frankie really enjoyed the weekend, too. And aren't her pearly whites beautiful?! We had her teeth cleaned professionally a few weeks ago for the first time ever and they look so good and I know she feels sooooo much better. See how perty?

I think I have mentioned before that my parents are looking to sell their house and buy a new one. Well, they've been getting their house ready for about a year now. Suddenly a (perfect) house just came along and mom went alone to check it out. She loved it. So the kids and I went with her to see it again the first of the week. I loved it, too. The kids adored it. It seemed too perfect for them but there was a lot of "buts" and "ifs" involved. However, dad agreed to see it near the end of the week and THAT NIGHT he just threw out an offer and the people TOOK IT! Today they signed some papers and in less than 2 weeks, they can move in! I'm sooooo happy and excited for them!! I just can't explain how happy I am for them. The deserve it so so much. Congrats mom and dad!

On the way to see the new house that day I drove into this. While it didn't amount to anything bad, it sure was a pretty picture I couldn't keep from taking.
If you didn't know what Illinois looked like, well, there you have it!

Thursday the kids and I made brownies for daddy's return home. Brownies are his favorite and the kids (and myself) love licking the bowls!

Friday night we drove up to Peoria, IL to visit two pairs of great friends of ours, Kristin & Chris and Andrea & Rusty. To make a long long story short, Andrea, Rusty and their family are moving sometime soon to El Paso, TX. We don't want them to go, but well, what can we do but be super happy for them because it's a really good move for their family. So we went up to visit them just in case their move is soon and we don't see them again for a long while (*sob*). We had homemade yummy pizza, salad, dessert and wine :c) Kristin, Rusty, Neil and I went to grade school through high school together and then Rusty, Neil and I went on to college together. Rusty and Andrea started dating and she and I became super great friends. Then Rus and Andrea moved to P-town and she and Kristin got to be good friends. Anyway, it's all so very cool. It's been an incredible blessing having Andrea in my life. I can't imagine her not in it. And then Kristin, well, I think it says a lot that after what seems like a gizillion years, we're still the best of friends. So here we are, Kristin, Andrea and I.
Kristin has a boy, Jackson, who just turned a year and has another baby on the way. Andrea has a girl, Audrie, who is 3 and Anderson who is 6 months. And you all know who belongs to me! We had such a great time Friday night.

Then Saturday evening I set up my backdrop and lights for my shoot with Corie on Sunday. Well, the kids wanted to help with that. Maia put on her ballerina tutu and the kids actually wanted me to take some pictures. They didn't have to twist my arm or anything either!

So the shoot with Corie and Keith went so fabulously perfect. I've had the pleasure of taking pictures of both of them many a times, so this was just another very fun time for me with a couple of my favorite two people, plus this time, one more (!) because of the bun in her oven! :c) We had such a fun maternity session because of Keith making us constantly laugh. I've only had a couple minutes to peek at the pictures and then allow you have a peek, too. Isn't Corie beautiful!?

The ice cream pose is one of my favorite ideas ever! I wish I could patent it . . . hehe. I love how it turned out but if I were to do it again, I'd put her in a color because the white on white really fades into each other but I still really love the concept and how it turned out.

Thanks, Cor, for such a great day and for coming back up from St. Louis for ME!!

Once my lights and backdrops were put up, I helped hubby unload the groceries which he and the kids got while I did the shoot with C & K. Noah wanted the "Trix" opened, so I opened them for him. A few minutes later I hear "oh-oh" and a huge spill. I turn around and see this. It absolutely could be worse. It was a great week, spilled trix and all :c)


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

LOVE the photo of Noah in your back yard
Maia in her tutu

CONGRATULATIONS to your parents

hope Neil had a good safe trip

Out of the photos you did of Corie and Keith I like the one where they are holding the photo frame thats so cool

pleased you had a good week :)

Deborah said...

your photos, as always, are fantastic! I love the one with the two expectant parents!

LiLi said...

OK, do we not have the most beautiful children in the world? I mean, seriously!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mat. pix! Those are FABULOUS!!! The ice cream one is GREAT! (now I want ice cream... and to be pregnant again, Thanks! lol)

I hope you'll share pix of your parents new abode!

Oh and the Trix spill... at least it made a beautiful picture! All those colors!!! nice!

Love ya bunches, and I sure miss ya! It's been 3 years now, going on FOUR! :(

Are you guys going to be around in late June? I really would love to see you and finally meet Maia!

Becoming Me said...

You are so talented Val

oh amanda said...

Love the trix, the pics, the brownies, the kids--everything!

lil ole' me..... said...


I LOVE the preview pics you've posted! I can hardly wait to see the rest of them. Keith and I had such a great time with you. I'm so glad we were able to schedule it! :) And, you made me feel completely at ease with baring a lil skin, something that would not have come normal for me!!! I just can't thank you enough for being you!!!!

Fruitful Vine said...

Sounds like a great week! I've been tagged by Debby at Bee in Italy and decided to tag you. The rules are on my blog. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Erin said...

Aw, I'm so happy for your mom and dad!!! That's awesome for them.

The pictures are all so cute. I love Corie's cute tummy : ) You're so amazingly talented, my dear! I want to come visit, or you to come here and have my kids pictures taken by you.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Corie's pictures turned out amazing! Such a good job.

Whoo hoo on your folks. Such positive news :)

Glad the week went well. and tell Kristin Congrats! I didn't know she was having another wee one.

Aimee said...

Beautiful pics Val, I just love your work!

Stacey said...

They're all good photos, Val, I wish you were my neighbor when my kids were younger.

Congrats to your parents, not only that they are moving into a perfect home for them, but because they have a daughter who wishes them such great things in life. I like that, and don't hear it enough.

The ice cream shot is my favorite as well-and would be even better if you'd talked her into dropping a little of that chocolate down the front! Am I the only one who couldn't get through the day in one top while pregnant? xo

Michelle said...

Great pics, of course!!

So happy for your parents! Very exciting!

Ella is SO into bugs right now too! So funny! ;)

Jamie said...

Val, busy week!! wow. Love the pics haha even the one of the trix. Gotta love those moments. Usually we laugh and call the dogs haha. I know that's bad.

So excited for your parents and I was looking as I drove my route, if they are across from the blue house with the shed, the the blue house IS the one my Aunt used to live in haha. I hadn't realized they painted although I know it must have been done awhile ago, I just quit paying attention over the years I guess.